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  1. The one about mattress's that a doorbell rings. My dogs go nutz everytime.
  2. It's happening on Facebook. Control, alt, delete.
  3. I was there at 12:30 for a neck massage. Wonderful
  4. I had an appraisal that was $50,000 less than their assessment. Only 4 houses in the neighborhood had a value drop slightly and the other 76 went up. Mine went up $12,000. The assesser found a $4,000 mistake in my favor before the meeting started.
  5. You are right, I left out a step. The key was Superior Court and not appearing too anxious. I have been negotiating contracts for 40 years. First in business and now in real estate.
  6. I don't know your story. What I posted was to help everyone on here know that you can fight city hall and win.
  7. I waited until the judge signed the settlement. When you receive your property tax valuation, file to be heard by the Board of Equalization. They will turn you down so file suit in Superior Court. 80 something dollars. An attorney will then send you a letter stating that he,she represents the County. Big woop. A week later you receive a letter asking you if you want to settle out of court. Wait a couple weeks and then meet with the Tax people. They dropped the value of my house 15.5%. If they want to drop the value of all houses and then go up on the rate, fine
  8. She is probably filming it.
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