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  1. We were coming towards Dallas from Cartersville and close to 10 Paulding Sheriff's cars were headed north. Has anyone heard what happened?
  2. Just curious if anyone heard anything about the man that was laying on the sidewalk either unconscious or deal around 5:00 today. The police had arrived but I've thought about him all night.
  3. Where is Legacy and is this girls and boys?
  4. We bought a 4inch and I absolutely love it!
  5. Fret not. You can all rest assured that I am alive and well. Carry on......
  6. I just ASSumed that was the reason we all opened the topic
  7. Put mine out yesterday. I haven't seen any but I'm looking ever so forward to it!
  8. Great ideas!!! Thanks for the advise. What is garcinia cambogia? I'll have to google that.
  9. I agree with you. I just know that if that "magic pill" helps suppress my appetite it will be easier to cut back. That's my hope..... I just think they may laugh at me when I go in.
  10. Just curious if anyone knows how they determine if you qualify for weight loss help? I'm sure I'm not clinically "overweight" but I would like to see if there was an easy way to just cheat for summer . Yes, I am definitely lazy.
  11. Isn't this the description of a stollen car around here?
  12. They are not a vitamin but they can be found any drug store, Wal Mart and some grocery stores.
  13. What information do you need to quote my home owners?
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