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  1. vote for JK Rogers, he is the only honest candidate for District 31 and he has my vote, and my dollar donation!!!
  2. she is a super lady and deserves to have everyone's vote i hold me breath, she can't be trusted, i didn't vote for her last time and i am voting for Melissa this time.
  3. i wonder what she is afraid of or is hiding from - going on a cruise won't make anything go away and will just make a lot of us wonder what and who she is - i really believe that will is the only true choice in this election, he is there and listening to us and taking questions - on the other hand, she can't be found.
  4. i wonder what she is afraid of, will is out there for everyone to see and talk to, she is off hiding somewhere - and i for one don't think having an "r" next to her name will help at all - we need to know what she stands for and thinks - and she isn't giving us that opportunity - so why would we want her in the state house? she is a lieing "b___h" and doesn't deserve anyone's vote.
  5. in my opinion, she definitely is not the better candidate - i know both of them b- i am an active member of the gop in paulding, and i am going to vote for the candidate, not the party this time - she will never get my vote!!!!
  6. one "ray of sunshine" the galloways, etc., supported sibley in january and he lost, and they supported cochran in the primary, and she lost - so their record isn't looking too good and a lot of folks are "sick of them"
  7. you can say that again - we need to get them out of the picture - we need a "new paulding"
  8. i heard that she has turned down multiple requests for debates as she will be out of town!!!!!
  9. I would suggest voting for "none of the above" or for Will - I have known Paulette for several years, I am republican, and she doesn't have my vote - i don't trust her one little bit
  10. you hit the nail on the head, as a lot of us do know and are aware of what an embarrassment Braddock would be to Paulding County - i think this time we should vote for the person rather than the party.
  11. oh yes they are lurking in the background - how do you think she got the information she put out there just before the election - and who funded it????
  12. i am a republican and always have been, but there is no way i can vote for Braddock - i'll vote for avery or i just won't vote in that category. I am NOT a rino - i am a republican
  13. that's for sure, and there are others with them, we have to find a way to STOP them, and Will may be the answer.
  14. you can say that again, she sends out mailers with loads of lies and ends of winning - i know a lot of us who will be voting democratic in november - we will not vote for her
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