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  1. This is our first year with K12 and so far we love it! My son is in 7th grade. He has already learned new techniques on how to write. I am pretty impressed. I was at the kids doctor today and he said he is hearing more and more about kids joining k12.
  2. Great! I can't wait to help you. Disney can be so overwhelming. I have helped people who have never been and those that go all the time they just want someone else to handle the details such as dining for them.
  3. I would love to help you if you would like. My services are completely free to you and I stay on top of the discounts that come out. Not only do I travel to Disney with my family yearly I also go down every year for training. You can contact me at jill@enchantingmemoriestravel.com if you would like for me to help you. Disney is my passion and I work to make sure that I know everything there is to know.
  4. That does not mean she still does not have it. I had 2 different doctors explain that it usually does not show up in a test until towards the end. Did they do a in office test or did they do blood work they sent off. My daughter had it done in office in Feb and I swore she had it but it came back negative and then they took my son's blood in office which was negative and sent it to the lab last week and it came back positive. I still say that if my daughter's doctor had drawn blood and sent it to the lab it would of come back positive.
  5. My son is in 6th grade and was just tested for mono and he has it. I have to say that McClure Middle School has been awesome!!! They are working with us for his finals. It has knocked him out! I thought it was just allergies and he kept getting strep and could not get over it. He has zero energy and just wants to lay around all day which is not like him. I am so glad to find out it was mono! At least we have an answer now!
  6. Even if they are driving on the road nothing will be done. We called because we were afraid for the young boy riding barefoot going through stop signs and on a main rd. We were told that we do live in Paulding county.... Ok well when the kid dies I will remind you of that.
  7. Do you mean they are building the Dollar General at the entrance of Burnt Hickory Park or Burnt Hickory Ball Fields. The reason I ask is because there were a bunch of suites outside the old bbq place at the front of school rd where the fields are.
  8. That is what it looks like. We went back there also. They have not done anything but cleared it. It looks like it is farther down the road so it does not look like it is right behind us but close enough. Ugh.
  9. I already posted this but I thought I would post it on this thread also. My parents live right next to the power substation going in on Harmony Grove Church rd. My parents were not happy to come home one day and see all the trees gone. They meet with them and were shown plans. It is a power substation to support the new power lines going in. There will not be power lines right there. My parents bought a house last year and were planning on selling the one on Harmony Grove. They feel better now knowing it is not a subdivision or anything else going in. You will not be able to see the substation
  10. My parents live right next door to what is being built on Harmony Grove Church rd. They are putting in a power station. My parents were very upset at first because they had no idea this was going in. After meeting with them and seeing the plans and the landscape that will be going on they are very happy the substation is going in. It is not harmful, it is not a subdivision with below par homes, it is a substation that you will not be able to see. There are power lines going up on School rd and these are to power them. Also my parents want everyone to know that they had bought another house
  11. I just started a Gs troop. We are located in North Paulding. We have Daisy's and Brownies. We meet every other Tuesday night. We are a new troop so we are all learning and taking it slow. If you are interested in joining you can email me. Jill
  12. I am interested to know why people vote who do not have kids in school. I know that these kids have a lot more pressure on them and are learning a lot more then we did in school at their age. They need the break. I would rather my child be in an air conditioned room learning the first few weeks of August then sitting in the house because it is too hot outside to even go swimming bored.
  13. There are more sites reporting it. I read it yesterday on Huffingtonpost.com and they hinted to it last night on the news. This is a sad sick story no matter how you look at it. It is sad that a 10yr old boy was being molested in a shower and instead of pulling the sick guy off the young boy he left to go "tell" someone. It is sad that this great "god" of Penn State just told some officials in the school and did not go to the police when he saw that nothing was being done. He put his football career over the lives of young boys. Something else that seems very sad to me is that people thi
  14. His wife was there with their 2 young boys. I believe his family was there also. His wife and I have a lot of mutual friends. I knew her in her early 20's.
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