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  1. I agree with Riptides. 3 copies. 2 different types of media. 1 in a different location. I have a friend who backed up his pictures from a laptop to a USB drive on his desk. He was robbed and they took his laptop and the USB drive he backed up too. Also I've talke to people who backe up to a drive. But delete the pics from their laptop. USB hard drives fail at the same rate if not higher than internal drives. I know I've killed 2 myself by accident. One got knocked off my desk to the floor and the other I dropped while moving it to another room.
  2. Does anyone have a siding company they would recommend? I have some cement board siding that may need some repair.
  3. Just a have a simple question about the HOA I was hoping to get a quick answer to. If you live in the subdivision can you PM me please?
  4. If speed was a factor would there not be charges filed? This is terrible for sure, but I don't think the speed limit is the issue.
  5. I let them play with it for as long as they wanted. We spent over an hour building bridges with lego duplo blocks. Now they are in bed and its my turn
  6. yeah, the world is ending. Haven't you heard?
  7. Kinda. This half of my office has been "CedarcrestPC" for the last 3 years. NO! That rocker is on its way to the storage closet Tomorrow it will be the where my kids train set goes. Can't Wait! Father in law is supposed to be getting them more cars and accessories for Christmas.
  8. Where do you think I'm posting from? Its boring in here.
  9. And against unarmed victims the 1.5 seconds it takes to change the clip makes no difference at all.
  10. I used to work with a team in China. Some of them got a chance to come to the US for a few weeks. The first thing they wanted to do was go to a shooting range. They had never held a firearm.
  11. I guess they just ran out of paper and weren't predicting the end of the world. Who'd a thunk it.
  12. They should just vote to change them then...
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