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  1. Sleepy Hollow Christmas Trees you can cut your own. It is on Sleepy Hollow Road off of Brownsville Rd. They have a facebook page.
  2. How much do you sell these for ? They are nice! [quote name='southernscarlett' timestamp='1339463841' post='364755 I am into making plant and bird baths out of objects. This was my first one i made. Then i made .
  3. The county still has a budget of $500,000. The only person that is not there anylonger is me. They still had 4 road officers until just recently when one quit do to moving and they have the position posted to replace him. They are also hiring a partime kennel person. In reference to Coyotes this is not a domestic animal therefore Animal Control doesn't handle it. You need to call DNR. You can also rent a dog trap for $25 from Animal Control to try and catch the coyote. There was a loose pitt in my neighborhood about a month ago that killed a Chihuahua and they were her a couple of times to get it. They are still taking those loose and dangerous dog calls. You dont have a possible parvo. You either have it or you don't . They have been closed about 4 times since Christmas for Parvo. Parvo is more than likely brought in from the outside. When a stay comes to the shelter it already has it and doesnt break until it is at the shelter. Parvo maynot break for 10 days. Parvo is not the fault of the shelter it is the fault of the people in the community not vaccinating their pets properly. The shelter does do a through cleaning every morning with bleach and a parvocide. Parvo is in the ground and can be on the shopping carts when you bring you animals to petsmart. You put your dog in the cart or let it walk around and there bang your dog now has been exposed to it. People think it is fun to bring their dogs to the store however you are exposing them to everything especially at this time of the year. Paulding County has just done the right thing by quarenting the facility if there is a positive parvo case. There are alot of shelters that have positive cases that do not do this and the public has no idea. It makes Paulding look bad but is no fault of theirs. As far as house checks AC has not done that since the Marshalls office took over 2 years ago. It wasn't the AC budget cut because it is the same . It is the Marshalls dept that is decided it is not needed. The animals should be clean as the inmates are at the shelter all day and used to only be there until 12pm. So if you look at it that way they actually have more people there to clean and take care of the animals and the place shold be spotless.
  4. i worked at Paulding County Animal Control for 6 years until the wonderful county budget cuts last June. In Paulding County you can have as many domestic animals as you want if you have more than 1/3 of a acre. They do not take you dogs away. There had to be something else going on, Where you breeding them? If so than that would be the reason. In reference to livestock. You CANNOT have livestock in a subdivision! ordinance states for chickens is the chicken house needs to be 250 feet from the sides of your property line and 350 feet from the front and back property line. So you could have 5 acres and still not have the proper footage. You land could be long and not wide. The best way to see if you are zoned for livestock is to go to planning and zoning and they will tell you. You CANNOT have any type of farm animals in a subdivision unless maybe you were grandfathered in. Farm animals include chickens. rabbits, goats, pigs, pot belly pigs etc. You can only have domestic animals. If you are breeding you also need to go to plannng and zoning because you have to have a certain amount of property for that. Call Animal Control 770-445-1511 if you have any problems and talk to Aileen she is the road officer supervisor. I hope i have answered some question. If not throw them at me and I will try to help you out as best as I can. This is the way it was 1 year ago any I only know of a couple of changes since than. The changes have not been changes in the ordinance it is just what AC is doing. As they will not go on your property and take you dog if it is loose and you are not home.
  5. Did he take the beds? I have a full size portable fold up one . It is comfortable and you can have it if you need it. Can you have the water transferred into your name and leave him with the outstanding bill?
  6. Do you have baby clothes ,blankets socks etc.? Does your daughter need bottles? Do you have a swing stroller or anything like that for the baby?
  7. I would like to try Flour Child. I tried BB and once was enough. I threw my stuff away it was not good and i love cupcakes and cookies. On the other hand I have heard BB has great chicken salad so I think i will give them another shot.
  8. Finally! I love Popeyes! They are building one in Douglasville were the old Folks was on Hwy 5 too.
  9. I applied last week and just got my approval yesterday. I was surprised it was only for 17 weeks when i was working for the employer for 5 1/2 years. Hopefully i will have a job before than.
  10. I think tmobile is the cheapest. We have 3 phones on the plan.
  11. Buy some mole skin and put it in the heel part.
  12. My mom and i went and had smoothies. Mine was exactly what i wanted. It really hit the spot. It was orange pineapple.
  13. My daughter has had a sore throat since friday. She got a rash along with it on saturday. I took her to the Dr. yesterday we thought she had strepbut it was neg. The Dr. said she has a infection her glands are swollen too. He gave her the z pac, motrin 600 for pain and magic mouthwash.
  14. boxerlvr

    3 days left

    What warmers and scents do you have in stock? I just ordered 2 warmers on line and 12 scents 5 minutes before i read this post.
  15. I never turned mine off. I have my thermostat set at 70 so either the air or heat is on. It automatically changes.
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