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  1. Woohooo looks like we are up a few more dollars than we had. Lucky lotto scratcher has won us some $$
  2. Yeah!!! This was a great idea!! So we went from a buck and some change each to maybe a hundred a piece. Maybe we are better off doing this type of lotto from now on. Seems the odds of winning might be better. Keep that scratcher!!! He is lucky
  3. Just wanted to make sure you recieved my $$ yesterday. I don't see my name turned REd yet.
  4. Yeah was pretty bummed you weren't there. It has been forever!! I never get out that way much anymore. Need to plan on a dinner or maybe grab a drink one night. Albert told me he saw you when he was at his dads a few weekends ago. Hey my name is not "RED" yet lol
  5. Dropped by but no CC. Left $$ with a lovely lady at the front. I think I might could live with $10 mil after taxes :-)
  6. I'm in. I'll swing by your office tomorrow sometime.
  7. Highly recommend Pat's Apparel. Very friendly. My daughter needed a dress quick for basketball homecoming and not only did we find one there but we were also able to have Pat do the alterations. Thanks again Pat. See you tomorrow when we pick up Felicity's dress.
  8. Here are a few pics from our area in West Cobb on Casteel Road near my kids school. Around 1pm today when they decided to let school out early because of the weather. .
  9. Hang in there...it does get better...you can only do for you and your children. You can't make him be a dad or anything that he doesn't want to be. I learned that the hard way...after years of trying to included him in our childrens lives I finally told myself that if he wanted to be invovled he could call our children and ask them about their games,practices,band concerts and such. I never miss one game/concert etc I take off work to be there to support my children. They're only little once and I have years to earn my Millions!!!! By then I'll be able to enjoy a little of it Sometimes we hav
  10. I've been there done that with mediations....I could've just given the money I wasted there to my child.....I believe each time I spent at least $400...... I now have evrything beng handled in Cobb County since thats where I live. We'll see what happens...Next court date isnt until October...So I don't expect anything from my ex in the mean time. I got one of those lovely letters too!!! Aren't ex's grand!!! I'm left without transportation due to my ex's bankruptcy. I can't even afford to file bankruptcy!!!! Especially when they remarry and the new wife thinks you're evil j
  11. Word has it that a few people have contacted the news stations to get the word out. Thanks to all that have reposted and are keeping the Martin family in your prayers!!!!!
  12. (Julie, is this the same agent you gave me the name & number for? It doesn't sound familiar. Just wondering. I am going to PM you my email address for you want to email me the flyer) Yes it is the same agent I gave you information for a few weeks back. I just sent you an email with the flyer. As a mother I am so very concerned with getting this information out. The more people that knows she is missing and is looking the better. I could only imagine one of mine missing. I would be totally lost!!!!!!!!!
  13. I'm guessing she went home changed clothes and headed out for the date with the guy Sam. No one has seen her since she left work in Marietta to head home to change for the date mentioned. location is Near the Square in Marietta.
  14. My Talent Agent, Julie Martin's Daughter is missing!!!! Here is the flyer with information. Please repost to your profile and so on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prayers for her safe return home!!!!!
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