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  1. There's no policy to prevent lice infested students from returning to school untreated. I knnew what I was talking about.....
  2. Off the top of my head :pun:, I know of at least 6 schools across the district with outbreaks.....at all levels. The district doesn't have a lice policy. Could this be the super lice?
  3. She fought the good fight. RIP sweet angel. I taught Mackenzie a few years ago.
  4. How's the place by the junkyard in Dallas (Bus.6)? I was thinking about going there soon to stock up. My wood rack is only 4 ft wide, 2 ft deep, and 5 ft tall, so I don't need a bunch.
  5. I love in the city limits of Dallas. I don't have choices anymore.
  6. North at the top.....but I wouldn't send my kid there. East and Hiram flip flip 2nd and 3rd depending on what you're looking at. SPHS is barely better that PCHS.....and fiercely try to make it to last place.
  7. House of Cards takes exactly one episode to hook you. If you aren't hooked, then it's not for you.
  8. This was my thought as well. We went through something similar with my uncle. Thank goodness this young man is still alive! I hope the family can work through this.
  9. I have a family member shopping for a large chunk of property. He won't even look in Paulding because of the higher property taxes. Apparently on the lot sizes he's looking at there is a drastic difference between here and neighboring counties.
  10. SLOs are designed to,show growth, not achievement. I was under the impression that they were to be used with caution if taken as a grade.
  11. I have a container of strawberries on the back deck. 3 are ready.
  12. I agree. I've used Hole in One in two seperate houses. The first out of necessity and the second because there was no need to learn the same lesson twice after moving. When I had an active infestation they presented me with several options and I was able to choose the one that best fit my budget.
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