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  1. Looking for part time employee to sew, hem and embroider with a flexible schedule. May turn into full time position. Please contact Tyler at Tyler@SuperiorScrubsOnline.com.
  2. Superior Scrubs REMOVABLE INSOLE Foot problem? No problem! Removable footbed allows insertion of custom orthotics to reduce your problems.LEATHER INSOLE Don't sweat it - naturally breathable leather insole with built-in arch support to bring even more happiness to your feet.ANATOMICALLY CORRECT FOOTBED Footbed designed to form the natural shape of your feet for long lasting comfort.ROCKER OUTSOLE Engineered to roll naturally reducing heel and central metatarsal pressure. Rocker outsole also encourages proper posture and normal gait. In English? You ROCK! EX
  3. I try to keep my money in Paulding. I feel we all have a much better chance of seeing that dollar agian if it is spent in the county.
  4. What about the 50 cars stuck on hwy 92 in Hiram? What happend?
  5. Superior Scrubs Online Is Now Open! www.SuperiorScrubsOnline.com FREE in store pickup or receive FREE shipping on all orders over $100 or more. Use Promo Code PCOM for additional 10% off until Feb. 1st Thank you PCOM members for your business and support. Please help us spread the word!
  6. Yes We do have a web site But it is under construction right now. We will have our online store/ web site up and running sometime next week. It is www.superiorscrubsonline.com
  7. We currently have Littmann and ADC stethoscopes for sale, also medical uniforms that she would need to get started. We are located in Hiram on the corner of 92 and 278 in the Staples shopping center. We would be happy to help you.
  8. Those are the prices for the tops, our pants start at 11.99.
  9. Between 15.99 and 25.99 We are located in Hiram at the North East corner of 92 and 278 in the Staples shopping center
  10. Several Prints and Styles avialable while supplies last
  11. Cherokee, Baby Phat, HQ, Barco, Greys Anatomy, Landau, Urbane, ADC, and Littmann
  12. We do have several different brands and styles of nursing shoes in stock.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving From Superior Scrubs 4471 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy Ste. D Hiram, GA 30141 770-222-5009 Black Friday Sale 11-27-2009 9:00 am- 4:00 pm 10% Off All Purchases of $50 or More 15% Off All Purchases of $75 or More
  14. We don't currently have any in stock, but we can order any thing that Cherokee, Barco, Urbane, Baby Phat or Landau makes. We would be happy to show you catalogs that you can order from. We will have an online store up and running within two weeks. We are open 10-7 Mon.- Thurs., 10-4 Fri. & Sat., and 12-4 Sun.
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