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  1. I do think its tacky to egg the saints bus. And I hate when we're at the game and my kids boo the other team, there is no need. The Falcons are visitors other places and I want my kids to treat other teams like I would want other fans to treat the Falcons. But Saints fans are horrible. saints fans yelling stuff at my daughter and I was we were walking by, not having nerve to say things to men(messed with the wrong girls) walking into the dome yelling who dat? Talking garbage all the first half. Second half you heard nothing from them and fourth quater they all walked out before the game was ov
  2. It also affected Paulding high. My boys texted me and their driver that also drives elementary and they told them it would be at least a hour so I picked them up. My son was letting other kids use his phone and one of their parents called back because her child wasn't home at 5:30
  3. Lifesmiles of New Hope is amazing. They take the time to get to know you, and work with you. They come in early or stay late to work around my sons football schedule. He's both a dentist and orthodontist.
  4. We had 5 that should have been trick or treating and about 50 highschool kids.
  5. First Saturday in December we always go downtown to the homeless shelter. Its a real eye opener to my kids how the boys and men cant go on the white floor. And how the children get excited over the simplest stuffed animal. My husband travels and he always brings back the toiletries and I bag them up in sets(soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion) And then they always come home asking about the lady in a fur coat name brand clothes and her nails and hair done up.
  6. Ive had at least 1 Child at Herschel the last 5 years, No major problems until this year my daughter had a issue on the bus with a boy. The most important thing to me is that my daughter felt comfortable going to the administrators and talk to them. Mr. & Mrs. Wilcox both tell her hi every time they see her. And Mr. Bingham I cant say enough good about him. They all ask her how her day is and if need be they go the extra mile for the kids. .
  7. My boys texted me and said there was a bomb threat and they were outside. Coach told them to get comfortable. And both of my boys are on thier iPhones listening to music and playing games in the open.
  8. I just picked up my truck today, Had the transmission rebuilt for $1400 at speedy transmission in Marietta, they gave me a 12 month warranty with it.
  9. Target, you get a 5% off coupon every 5(I think) prescriptions you fill. And I'm always getting $10 gift card coupons. The last time I went to Kroger the girl stood there right in front of me and scanned her kroger card and not mine to get the points. And the wait is always so long.
  10. There is a 5 below where my in laws live, we love it. The kids can get some cool stuff
  11. viggle, you get paid for watching tv
  12. I'm at the end of graham road and didn't hear any sirens, I hope it's nothing to serious.
  13. We were in the office when it happened. They said the Comcast van didn't slow down, they wernt paying attention while they were driving. Just flying down the road.
  14. I was waiting in the long line today to pick up kids, the number of kids walking down the street was crazy. Anyways, I guess crossing the street between me and the car infront of me seemed like a good idea. Problem was a car coming down the road couldn't see kids popping out from in front of my suburban I just watched and prayed noone would get hit. And I was ready to swerve out and have a car hit me rather than a kid. Insane!!
  15. Picked up 3 pies today.… let's just say one isn't making it to the table tomorrow. It was so yummy and noone will ever know;)
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