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  1. Balloons in all the principal's and assistant principal's offices. Put up a certain principal's house for sale. Nothing to put us in jail.
  2. Ok thank you! I will go check that out. It is supposed to be a kid's consignment sale. I guess I should of specified that.
  3. I heard that there is a consignment sale today and tomorrow at a Methodist Church in Dallas. Does anybody have any idea where this is? As in direction wise and which Methodist Church. Please let me know!
  4. ugh..I also think I might sleep walk.. I always keep my cell phone under my pillow or close by and a couple of times I have woken up to find it across the room or in my closet under blankets..
  5. It's crazy.. this has been going on for about a week now and in my bedroom I can't find things. I know exactly where my Digital Camera memory card was and it's not there and I cannot find it anywhere. Things disappear and come up in the weirdest places. I had the movie IT (yes the creepy clown movie based on the Stephen King novel by the same name.) in my bedroom and the other day it magically appeared in my drawer next to the computer. Hey A friendlygeek... does your name suggest that you work on computers?
  6. I am in the computer room and the light that hangs from the ceiling keeps turning off by itself so then I turn the desk lamp on and the ceiling light comes back on..
  7. awww! maybe Chattahoochee Tech will be kind to me today!
  8. What is up with the ugly layout of paulding.com?
  9. Does anybody know what happened to Thomas? I went to school with him He was always so quiet. He will be missed.
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