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  1. Anyone know anyone selling SEC tourny tix for this coming week? Looking to pay no more then $220 total for 1 ticket for all sessions.
  2. you do realize the splost passing is going to mean nothing different when it takes effect compared to today or tommorow or next week. The education splost has been around for a while. The vote on it was to keep it not implement it. I for one am glad that it passed. Without it our education system would be in a lot more trouble. Thank you to all those who voted for the education splost
  3. Ok so I am trying to find somewhere in/near paulding county that will actually be celebrating and doing a fireworks show on the 4th of July not the 3rd not the 5th and not next weekend. I would really like to find a fireworks show to take my daughter to tommorow night.
  4. I have always thought the same thing about high school kids who drive. But do you seriously think that all these kids who drive are going to head straight home? No they are not.
  5. if you have a problem with it get off your buts and go get your kids out of school. Instead of sitting around complaining on the internet you do have the ability to drive and go pick them up.
  6. knew it wouldn't take long for the board bashing to start. I think they are doing a job I wouldn't want to do. I know it would be smart to try and keep them till 11:30 without their safety being jeopardized. Don't wanna make up anymore days if we don't have to.
  7. elementary is out at noon I belive then hs out at 1
  8. Every time I hear or see Obama talk I feel a violent and sudden urge to throw up! I know the word hate is a very strong word but I really do hate Obama. These people are all arguing over healthcare when we still have people losing their houses and are out of work! Bottom line when it comes to healthcare for me is this. 1. Is it going to cost me more money in premiums? 2. Am I going to be taxed more to give people healthcare? If either of these are answered with yes then I don't want it. It is not my responsibility to provide healthcare to everyone else. I hope this d
  9. that is a very bold statement! Care to share with us why you seem to think this? I know many of the people in leadership roles at the county office and they are all very good leaders and very good at what they do.
  10. I apologize it gets frustrating cause all people seem to want to do on here is complain about things and not do anything about it.
  11. In this instance the BOE gave 3 options for the calander and put it out there for everyone, parents, teachers, employees, etc to vote on. They wanted the publics opinion. The BOE went with the option that received the most votes Don't give me "if we had a poll that was private" stuff. The vote for the 3 calanders were annonymous. Teachers just like everyone else had the ability to vote annonymously just like I did!
  12. of all the teachers I have talked to about the breaks is this. Most people think that kids are crazy the week before a break and it takes a while to get them back on track after a break. There are only 2 breaks in the year that the kids get a little wild. Christmas break and last week of school. The kids seem refreshed and work harder after the breaks. This year will just seem like a short summer cause it will be. Next summer won't be as bad. It averages out to a break about every 5-7 weeks (not including the 3 weeks between thanksgiving and xmas). As someone who works in the school sy
  13. Sorry if I have come across like an a$$. It just gets on my nerves when people do nothing but complain about something but do nothing to try and fix the problem or are proactive enough to make it known how they feel except on a message board after the fact. Sadly we vote for these people and rely on them to make the choices for us. Some times we have to let our board of education members know how we feel much like we do with our government politicians. I have always been of the belief that if you don't take the time to vote or express your opinion to the people that make the choices t
  14. There was a link that you could send in your comments to the board on the calenders when you voted. You could also have gone to your Board member in your district and let them be aware of your issues/concerns about the calender. You can't complain when you don't vote or make your voice heard.
  15. First off most high schools have year round things going on in their schools from football practice to band practice to basketball baseball and so on. High School sports has become a year round (even during the summer) event. Your going to complain about a gym having no a/c in august. Its usually just as hot in september. and oh yeah the football players are out in the heat in full pads in august. Don't hear you complaining about that. If all the choices sucked did you go to the board meeting and make your voice heard? Or do you just want to sit on here and complain and not do anything a
  16. That entire comment is absurd and rediculous. The Paulding BOE put the calenders to vote. They had 3 options for everyone to look at and choose from. People voted and the board went with the calender that was picked by the voting. So before you go blasting your school board by saying they don't listen please make sure that you know all the facts. To the idiot lawmaker in Marietta he has no right to dictate when school starts and when it doesn't. That is the local school boards decision! Maybe he should be trying to think of ways to turn around the economy and help create jobs inste
  17. Yeah one day he is gonna mouth off to someone who is just as "protected" There aren't many places I don't go that my carry-conceal permit isn't in my wallet and my gun isn't with me. You just never know these days sadly. PS I'm not crazy!
  18. Been having constant problems with my dsl internet since thursday afternoon. Was on the phone with the lady for 45 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong going through all these different things just to find out it that it was an outage. Getting very annoyed with the problems. I got tired of making calls to comcast cause their internet sucked and switched to AT&T. GRRRRRRR
  19. I will just remember him/her as a great perormer 30 years ago and a pervert since then! The woman doesn't deserve a holiday!
  20. Send me a PM and I will get you info about a great daycare in Dallas. My daughter has been going there since she was 6 weeks old. She is now reaching 2 and will be leaving the infant/toddler room and we are very upset about it. The teachers in the infant/toddler are the best and we will miss them very much in 2 weeks when our little one moves to the 2 year old room.
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