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  1. Most of us, at some point of our lives were immature and thought we knew it all.

    True, and I am certainly no exception to your point.

    (both then and occasionally now)

    However, to differentiate between normal immaturity and hubris, I mentioned "snowflakes" and did the poundsigns.


    Not every 20 something is a snowflake and not every snowflake is in their 20's.

  2. We do too!

    We come every year for the Christmas parade.

    Maybe someday we will have reasons to come more often. That would be quite nice. Hope extra parking is also a concept they consider.

    I really don't see parking as a major issue, of course you may have to walk a very small distance, say 30 yards to at most 100 yards.

    Heck, when they have the car shows, they close off a large part of the parking, yet people manage to park and see the cars.

  3. Here is what I'm waiting to see, whether CEO (and general dirty tricks flunky) Brett Smith's lawsuit comes to court before the lawsuit filed 2 yrs ago (or whenever it was) comes to trial.


    Let me see if I got the facts correct.

    The Airport Authority & IBA are currently involved with a lawsuit by private citizens.

    The county of Paulding is planning to sue the AA & IBA.

    Propeller Investments has filed suit against the AA, IBA & Paulding County.

    Propeller violated the contract 1st, by never putting the 1/2 million dollars in an escrow account.

    The AA & IBA and Propeller didn't make or are behind on payments to the county.

    What is the common thread here?


    Propeller has not brought one job or increased the revenue of our airport by one red cent.


    When things get this screwed up, IMHO, you have to go back and see where things were done incorrectly, that started this snowball rolling.

    There seems to be a common theme, from the beginning, and running all the way through to where we find ourselves today, the AA & IBA.

    Yes others, in many positions and on many sides, could have done things different or better.


    Here's a question.

    Name one thing that Propeller Investments has done to try and bring revenue and jobs to our airport?

    After all, they have had a contract to do so for what, 3 years?

    And don't give me that, "well the people wouldn't let them bring in commercial service" or "why bring in business when there are people fighting you".


    1. Per Propeller themselves, commercial service was going to be a small part (what did they say? less than 30%?) of their business plan.

    2. Wasn't Propeller under contract to bring in that business?

    3. Wouldn't it be a HUGE show of what Propeller's intentions were if they had brought in, any, business?

    4. Wouldn't a huge number of citizens be on Propeller's side, if they had spent as much effort, time and money, bringing in business to the airport as they did, funding ugly billboards, trying to embarrass private citizens and other nasty tactics?

    5. Be honest, who is willing to say they want to be married to Brett Smith for the next 40 years?


    Things like this happen when people who don't have the experience & knowledge in certain areas of business, try to do things under the radar.

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  4. or they are trying to bring some kind of life back in the city of dallas... they run it out then want to bring it back on thier terms.. I am surprised that any of bussiness in dallas are still opened.


    I think it is a good thing, but I also think that if the person who wanted to open a brew pub was not a local, it would most likely be a different story.

    BUT, at least they are moving in the right direction.


    As Al noted, there is no question the city was as unhelpful and unwelcoming as they could be to the Cajun place.

    The man had fresh Gulf shrimp brought in twice a week, made a great shrimp po-boy.

    Maybe he should have opened a BBQ place, instead of that strange food.

  5. Well,well. The last,and recent, restaurant owner who tried to get a beer permit was vehemently denied. This was the Cajun restaurant behind the old courthouse. This owner subsequently moved his business to Hiram,where he was issued a beverage license. Bad location,though,and the man shut down and left the county. He was from Louisiana,an "outsider",so he got nowhere with the town of Dallas.Now,suddenly,the "rules"have changed. I knew "Cajun" personally and would have issued a beverage license in a heartbeat,even though I quit drinking alcohol 30 years ago. He runs a straight ship. Sooo,somebody uptown has something to gain by this little shindig. Shades of the airport scandal. Oh,well,the local citizenry has never supported nicer dining facilities in the city. Fast food,yep,but upper-class,nah. Remember the Henderson House?

    Yep, true story.

    Good food, but the city of Dallas did all they could to make it tough on him.


    Maybe this news is a sign that the city of Dallas is finally moving into the 20th century....if you are from here.


    Yes, I'm aware it's the 21st century, but I didn't want to scare the Dallas officials.

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  6. Yea, they realize that full bellies and full employment are aspects of happiness. Given over half the country is a natural/wildlife preserve where exploitation (mining, poaching, farming, etc.) is prohibited means they live in balance with nature.


    It is obvious to me you judge them harshly because they don't conform to your distorted expectations.


    Oh, btw, bye.





    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  7. They are a net 'energy exporter' ... electricity generated by hydropower.


    I suspect they are a lot happier than you as well.





    Bhutan's economy is based on agriculture, forestry, tourism and the sale of hydroelectric power to India. Agriculture provides the main livelihood for 55.4 percent of the population. Agrarian practices consist largely of subsistence farming and animal husbandry. Handicrafts, particularly weaving and the manufacture of religious art for home altars, are a small cottage industry. A landscape that varies from hilly to ruggedly mountainous has made the building of roads and other infrastructure difficult and expensive.





    Even losers finally stop flying the lost flag. Falling into the conservative business of thinking that a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks is good business practice is a thing of the past. It's about time Nice Green wised up.



    "Not one, not two but three Starbucks operate from a single intersection in the hot, sprawling city, the Houston Chronicle reported Friday."





  9. Just to be clear, my issue with having a coroner has nothing to do with anyone who is running for that office or has held that office in Paulding County.

    I couldn't name anyone involved, now or in the past.

    It is the system it's self that I object to.

  10. Yep, that is how Obama won in the first place. The R's voted for him to keep Hillary out. No way would a black man win. :rolleyes:

    I've voted for Democrats, I've voted for Republicans, I've voted for everything in-between.

    I've voted for men, I've voted for women, I've voted for hetrosexuals, I've voted for hetrosexuals who later were found to be homosexual.

    I don't think I've knowingly voted for a homosexual, but I would if I thought they were the best choice.

    I've voted for white people, black people and other races.


    None of that makes a difference to me, it's the person themselves that I care about.

  11. The state of GA would have to make a constitutional change for what you're talking about. Paulding really doesn't have a choice in this since the law says the county must have an elected, partisan, coroner.

    The same argument you're making about the coroner could be made about the sheriff, too, since that is an elected position and a candidate for sheriff doesn't even have to be a certified police officer to run for the office. If elected, there is a 6 month window to get training but that's it.

    The office of coroner and even sheriff is to be the executive of the entire office staff, not necessarily the one who is trained to do all the work that goes on in the office.

    I am familiar with several of those who have worked as part of the coroner's office in the past. They take their job seriously but the medical investigation is done by trained experts, not the coroner. The coroner's office may lead the investigation but it is done by the experts.



    Three things.

    1. Just because the state is behind and you have to have a coroner, doesn't mean you can't have a professional medical examiner.

    2. Yes, both the county coroner and county sheriff office's are hold overs from the 1800's.

    Both need to be revamped as times have changed drastically.

    3. I decided not to list this one.

  12. The broad point I am making is this isn't a Paulding County 'thing.' We have a coroner because the state constitution says so. Granted, there are some legislative provisions that allow for 'abolishing' the office and creating a medical examiner for the purposes of post mortem examination, etc. However, this has to be done by the General Assembly via local legislation and this individual still cannot perform any of the constitutional duties (inquests, impaneling a jury for such, etc..etc.).


    Just to clarify:


    1. I agree the office of coroner being a holdover from common law England--as are many other laws and 'ways of doing stuff.'


    2. I agree with the assertion we are likely better served by someone who is a licensed physician.


    3. I agree with the notion that a PARTISAN election for coroner makes zero sense. How can being a R or D make a damn as to the duties of the office, eh?


    I wasn't attempting to negate your posts. My motivation was more to recognize it isn't a local issue/choice per se. You can't really blame the good ol' boy system on the fact we elect a coroner. It has been in our state constitution since it was ratified in the 1700's.

    Yes, someone else explained it to me.

    For whatever reason, I wasn't understanding your points.

    I knew this was not just a Paulding thing, as you noted, it is a holdover from waaaay back.

  13. I figure his point was that it is not just Paulding County.


    It is Georgia's bass-ackwards 'do nothing of consequence' legislature.


    Ohhhh, got it.

    I understand.

    Yeh, sometimes being a Georgian is tough, especially when our legislature is in session.

    (and not at the strip clubs)

  14. Most of us understand "progress" and I think most of us understand a mistake can be made.

    But I think we all can agree that in today's world, lack of common sense, pride and ability in one's work has sadly dropped to a new low.

    When you have so many different companies working near or around your home, for that long, you have more risk for stupid stuff to happen and affect you negatively.

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  15. There is no choice. The office of coroner and the election thereof is created/mandated by the state constitution.

    This doesn't preclude the employ of a medical examiner, however, they exist for necropsy only--and at the behest of the coroner. Coroners have other constitutional duties beyond dealing with deaths.

    The coroner can fulfill the duties of the Sheriff and is usually who serves the elected Sheriff with court papers. The coroner is also the only local official who can arrest the Sheriff. Etc. etc.

    They still have a coroner.

    The other 158 counties in Georgia have a coroner as well.


    Not sure what point you're making.

    Progressive states, counties and cities have gone to a trained, educated, non elected, medical examiner for over 50 yrs.


    The coroner's position is a hold over from the days when the local doc also served as coroner, back before medical science, forensic science and criminal science made the huge strides they have made in the past 50 yrs.


    Think about it, you used to go to old Doc Adams for everything from the sniffles to life threatening illness, but today, due to the huge changes and strides in medicine, you often are referred to a specialist.

    (well, for that reason and the fact they like to spread the "wealth" around)


    Same thing has happened with the old coroner system and the medical examiner.

    In 3 states to our west the coroners are as varied as grocery store owner , dairy queen owner and a car dealer.


    This is why progressive states, counties and cities have gone to a professional medical examiner.

  16. Lady Raider: I'm Sorry you're having so many problems with Baldwin Paving; most of my family works there ... just think how nice it will be in 2017 when they finally finish!



    I got a feeling that didn't give Lady Raider the warm fuzzies.


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