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  1. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Pubby sucks as a businessman.
  2. It may not be technicaly rural, but between my house and the Kroger on Ridge Rd, a distance of maybe 5 miles, there are at least two pastures with over 10 cows in them. Just saying. We agree, for better or worse, like it, don't like it, this county will become more like the rest of metro Atlanta. It doesn't affect my feelings like it does those who families are from here and grew up here. But, I'm from Smyrna and Cobb and watching those areas change did affect my feelings, but as they say, that's progress. Heck, look at Forsyth County. It used to be full of nothing but chicken farmers
  3. First, as I have always said, if you have been here 1 yr or a 100, it makes no difference, everyone is equal. However, I have to question the judgement of someone who moves to a rural county and then bitches about it being a rural county. I find it amazing that someone actually has the...well, let's call it...nerve, to make fun of the people, they chose, to move and live among. But then again, some people are so self absorbed, they expect everyone and everything to adapt and change to their wishes. Newbie is 100% correct, IMHO, about one thing. Change is coming to Paulding County. Rid
  4. Just don't like scumbags. Check his track record, everywhere he goes, lawsuits follow.
  5. I could be wrong, but I believe the lawsuit was filed long after the bankruptcy was finalized. But you could check with Brett Smith (and others) for exact details.
  6. Nope, don't need to look in public records. I know that a lot of people love to and some, like Brett Smith, like to try and use that information to hurt private citizens. But that's not me. I have no clue about your open records request. Perhaps it is being held up while they are still trying to figure out who Mike Jones was investigating about his "extortion" case. You remember that. He paid for those background checks with county money and yet no one knows who all were included in the checks. Not only that, Mike Jones was responsible for some poor innocent slob being arrested and j
  7. Ohhhh, no need for anyone to do a records check on me. Just ask me, I'll tell you, my life is an open book. Well......except that one time at band camp.
  8. Yes, you can. Frustrated with the BS and the "if you don't agree with my guy and support him 100%, then you are wrong" crap. Not to mention the innuendos and lies. Despite what David Austin and you apparently think, there are no Platinum Citizenship's. One month, one year, two years, they are CITIZENS and can file all the lawsuits they want to, and they don't owe you, me or anyone else an explanation of who pays the bills. You were a secretary in a law firm ("The" law firm?), surely if I know that, you know that. So let it GOOOOOOOO. Don't know Whitey. Whitey is h
  9. I'm done with this. If people can't differentiate between a private citizen filling bankruptcy and the CEO of a company that wants to have a freaking 40 yr contract with what has been called the county's most valuable asset, then it's a waste of time, energy and typing to try and explain it. Good luck to all.
  10. I will put my character, morals and integrity up against anyone's here and I DO support Brett Smith and Propeller. All I can say is that if you support Brett Smith, then your standards of morals, ethics and integrity are not the same as what I would like to have. But, that's OK. If you want to support a scumbag coward, that's your choice. the Wilkins bankruptcy issue; however, I don't agree with the way she handled it either. Not sure what a private citizen filing bankruptcy has to with you or your approval. Perhaps that is the problem in this county, to many people worrie
  11. Sorry for the rant, but if you have facts, state them. Otherwise, like I say to others who say that the Austin brothers or whoever did this or that, without proof and facts, I don't care to hear it. I've heard things about Todd Pownell that were supposed to be true that I know to be lies. Why? Because I was actually involved in what was lied about. I'm sure that you could say the same about people you know, that have had untruths or half truths said about them.
  12. Tried to send this as a PM, couldn't. As I said, my post was not directed at anyone in general, and not you. Im with you, let's get the lawsuits over and go in whatever direction we need to go. But I really do believe Brett Smith is doing all he can to hurt or "destroy" those who oppose him. I base that on his actions caught on video.
  13. Really? Just who in the hell do I "support"? I am so sick of you people that are incapable of separating your personal relationships from business. I have said and written over and freaking over, that I don't give a good GD if the airport has commercial flights. Same thing with all the local players, I've always said that unless you have facts and proof, shut the F up about being paid off by Propeller or Delta. I have said and written over and over that I do not subscribe bad motives to the people I have personally spoken with, David Carmichael, Todd Pownell and Blake Swafford. I do howe
  14. Not directed at anyone, just an observation in general. I'm nothing short of amazed that anyone with morals, ethics and scruples would in any way support or defend Brett Smith and Propeller Investments. But then, the news is full of those who have no, or little, morals, ethics and scruples.
  15. The way things are today, no one can say that anyone was "fired". But common sense can still be used to determine what happens. But then I happen to believe that Propeller is run by a scumbag coward, based on the scumbag coward's own actions, so it makes sense that said scumbag coward, would hire another scumbag.
  16. Wasn't he the guy that was fired by Allegiant Air over the major mechanical problems that Allegiant experienced in 2015?
  17. Uhhhhh, I could be wrong, but I presume when a road is said to be open "in all directions", that means......in all directions. (sorry, it was just sitting there on the tee, begging me to hit it )
  18. Merle Haggard was extremely talented, he could sing....like Marty, Hank, Johnny, Buck, ohh and like Merle Haggard.
  19. I wish I could, but I seem to attract liberals like Hillary Clinton attracts federal investigations. I've always been against what are actual abuses by law enforcement. In fact, I think I'm pretty fair when it comes to this topic. I've been called an apologist for law enforcement and someone that has a problem with law enforcement. So I figure I'm pretty much fair. As far as the wife, I guess I'm stuck with her, or more accurately, she's stuck with me.
  20. It may have taken place in 2014, but the Washington Post article I linked, is from April 1 2016. If the facts are correct as reported, and I have no idea if they are, but if they are, then there should be two ex police officers charged with rape.
  21. We all know that some people on here stretch things to try and make law enforcement look worse than perhaps the situation actually is. However, if the facts reported in this case are even mostly correct, CitizenCain's post above, doesn't even come close to describing the abuse this man was put through by LE officials. This article reports on the traffic stop and what supposedly took place, in more detail. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-watch/wp/2016/04/01/video-shows-white-cops-performing-roadside-cavity-search-of-black-man/
  22. Like the man said, the "issue has become increasingly complicated". ETA, my bad, that statement was said in reference to the airport issue, the road work issue is completely differer......hmmmmm, never mind, I stand by original post.
  23. True, and I am certainly no exception to your point. (both then and occasionally now) However, to differentiate between normal immaturity and hubris, I mentioned "snowflakes" and did the poundsigns. Not every 20 something is a snowflake and not every snowflake is in their 20's.
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