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  1. So you are for making pot smoking legal? If so, then you must be against Boss Hog....I mean Howard Maxwell. Also, not a trick question, but weren't you, at least at one time, a part of the local Republican party? Doesn't matter to me, one way or the other, but for some reason that was stuck in my head.
  2. I never get local political flyers. I consider that a good thing. I have to wonder, if you support Howard Maxwell, how do you justify something as stupid and mean and nasty as his flyer on trying to associate medicinal cannabis oil with making pot smoking legal. I'm serious, how do you justify using thousands of people in pain and misery as tools for your own personal advancement and ambitions? How?? Do you lie to yourself and say, ohhhh, that wasn't Howie, it was someone else sending it out without Howie's knowledge? Do you say, screw those sick people, we can't let anyone but Goo
  3. I'm confused, is Boss Hog....I mean Howard Maxwell against medical cannabis oil? If so, what is his reasoning or does he even have reasons. Are they based on ignorance and fear? Is he really for having children suffer when they do not have to? I'm a don't make pot legal guy. I'm pretty strong on that point. But only a moron or someone that is so ignorant that they really should not be allowed to drive, much less vote, would be against a chemical that could ease the suffering of so many, without all the negative effects that many of our medicines have.
  4. I think it would be beneficial to everyone in the county to have these legal issues resolved as quickly as possible. Even then, we are probably looking at quite a few years to settle the cases and appeals. (that's just a guesstament on my part, others with more legal experience would have a better idea of a time frame) In my opinion, it is a sad thing that it had to come to this point, but when egos and personal desires, override duty and common sense, that's what happens. That statement is not directed at any one side. There is a unwritten "law" that it would do everyone well to re
  5. I'm not sure that there has been a worse slate of candidates, ever, to run for our highest office. And that is true, no matter which side you are on or where you fit in the political spectrum.
  6. The more you talk, the more I like you. Common sense.
  7. And yet, when I say that people in this country are getting dumber and dumber, I get told, not true.
  8. This has turned into such BS. You people are so sad.
  9. Well, Delta does employ half the number of people that live in Paulding County. And the number of people who live in Paulding County, includes children, elderly, those who choose not to work and the disabled. That means that Delta employs more people in their company than there are actual people that live in Paulding County who have jobs. They run, and have run for many years, a successful business that has locations nationally and internationally. They have expanded and grown their company year after year. We have....an airport that doesn't work, a movie studio that loses money, a co
  10. Nothing irrational at all about my posts. You know, I know, all God's children know that there is jail house lawyer legal and there is moral legal. You own a hamburger restaurant. I ask you to sell me a piece of your property next to your restaurant and I promise you I will never open a restaurant on that property, that I will only use it for retail other than food. You agree to sell me the property based on these conditions. Due to a screwup, that clause is left out of the contract. I see this and immediately open up a restaurant on that property. I doubt you are going to be very ha
  11. Ohhhh my FKN God. You people are fkn nuts. Of course they oppose it, look at the date on the article. This is after Paulding County acts in bad faith with a deal with the city of Atlanta. This is after Paulding County officials sneak around and make a deal with a scummy little company. I am very sorry that your friends fked up this deal from the get go. Just quit playing this stupid childish tit for tat BS. No wonder this county is so far behind the rest of the metro Atlanta area, it's full of children, who are more concerned with playing JR High School games than doing business in
  12. And my point is missed. Sorry, no free golf. ETA, my question is, who would you rather do business with, Delta or Propeller? Of course Delta is not going to help Paulding County...now. To many of elected officials have told them to go F themselves. So who's the short sighted officials? As I've always said, like Rhett Butler, "I don't give a damn" if the airport goes commercial tomorrow. But this deal with Propeller is one of the worst deals that Paulding could make. Even worse than building a movie studio and never hiring someone qualified to run it. (hmmmm, same thing with the a
  13. You know, there are cities, counties, states and even a few countries that would LOVE to have a business relationship with a proven successful company like Delta Airlines. Yet, many in Paulding County, including Representative Maxwell, are telling Delta, we don't want anything to do with you and your well respected, very successful, company. We want to hitch our star to....a non successful, no experience, run by a scumbag, has maybe, maybe, 10 employees, company. Apparently, Maxwell himself told Delta, quote, "go away and leave us alone". You can't make this crap up. I am willing to be
  14. Whatever. Having someone help you put your ideas and thoughts into clear concise words and sentences what you trying to convey to others, is not in my book, the same as having someone write your speech. As I noted at the start, I don't care if Carmichael had help with article or Whitey with his speech or anyone else. It happens all the time, in business, in publicity, in politics. Also, there is a huge difference in writing a post, stream of consciousness and spending hours on a speech or talk. The speech or talk should be a hell of a lot more concise and polished. I often edit something
  15. First, character is something else, besides being a successful businessman and decent human being, that you are not qualified to talk about. Second, keep calling me a liar and as I promised, you'll get a boot up your fat ass. I offered to pay for lie detector and like most sociopaths, you are scared to take one, yet I am willing. Tell me Poopy, who actually has any respect for you as a person? Look at all of those who used to post here that left, stating you as the reason.
  16. :sigh: I'll put it this way. I did a eulogy for a close friend. I was asked by the priest to keep it to 10 minutes. I wrote the eulogy, it was about 5 minutes to long. I read it to my wife and sent it to 2 friends. Bottom line, they suggested a cut here, a word change there, and most importantly, moving one portion from the beginning to the end. By making that change I was able to combine about 4 minutes into 1 minute. And I still not only wrote the eulogy, it still consisted of all my thoughts and feelings. That is what I was really referring to in my post about other people helping.
  17. There is always a percentage of the "eeny meeny miny moe" vote.
  18. I could care less if anyone helps Mr. Carmichael write his letters or speeches, same with the people that speak at the BOC meetings. In business, when someone has to write and send an important email/letter, they usually seek the input of others to help insure that they are getting their main points across clearly and concisely. In fact, I personally consider it a positive, not a negative, if someone seeks input and opinions from others in these kinds of situations.
  19. Awwwwww Poopy Poopy Poopy. Everyone knows your "thinking" is so clouded, that the word barely applies. I'm pretty damn happy, unlike you, who like an angry, jealous little troll, who lives under a bridge and hates those who have actually succeeded in business and life. You made your own bed Poopy, now you must live in it. I doubt you could find 20 people in this county that actually respect you as a human being and that is strictly your own doing. I used to defend you and I was told, "wait and see", well they were right.
  20. Trust me, you couldn't be more embarrassed for the county than the county already was when you ran.
  21. What you are jealous of is, people who are successful and happy. Areas in which you have failed miserably. Thus your attacks on those who have achieved both. Also why you want socialism, so you can, like a leech, suck from those who can do what you cannot. I'm pretty damn sure that neither of the two ladies you are posting about, have ever had one word of conversation about their religious beliefs.
  22. Quite sure that is on her, "don't shive a git" list. Or, she may consider it a positive.
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