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  1. pubby-


    Twice in one night that you roll into a thread and pull the issue of bigotry out of thin air.


    Bigotry must be your obsession of the night.

    Of course, that was after you launched yet another of your partisan attacks in reaction to an article that really wasn't partisan. The alleged remarks from the congressman appeared to be toward other members of congress in general, not Republicans.

    Since you went there, the article says the anonymous congressman making the allegations is rumored to be a Democrat, and he cites his "colleagues". So if we were going to make a leap like that, it would be that he was specifically referring to his Democratic colleagues. But none of us took such a leap until you rolled in with your usual bashing and illogical references that have no connection to the topic or discussion.


    I'm seriously starting to question your mental health.


    No shame on getting help for any illness.



    Including, white guilt and wealth envy.

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  2. You ever own a Ford ?


    Henry Ford receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi officials, 1938





    Many people accepted Hitler before Sept. 1, 1939.

    Not everyone collaborated with the Nazis after that date.


    But, if you are truly interested, a good book on the efforts, of lack thereof, of the Nazi party to promote Nazism in the US is, I Knew Hitler by Kurt Ludecke.


    Two other major Nazi supporters, Joeseph Kennedy (John's dad) and Charles Lindbergh.

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  3. Is this the same Denmark that during WWII worked with the Nazis to turn in their own people?

    The same Denmark who during WWII was lead by Vidkun Quisling?

    A man who's name was so identified with being a traitor and being a sycophant, that his own name became a word meaning traitor and collaborator?


    The same Denmark that American soldiers were wounded and died while liberating it from the NAZI war machine.

    Something that the majority of Danish citizens were apparently to afraid to do.

    The same Denmark that has put down the United States at every opportunity?


    That Denmark?

  4. Pot

    Pain Pill




    Bunch of dope addicts.

    Ought to be ashamed of yourselves.


    (Uhhh, my back sure is ahurtin, so if you do have extra pain pills...ohhh, I also like Cheetos)


    Pot is just bad for you.

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  5. I read it. But I wonder, considering marijuana stays in your system for a long period of time how can they prove the driver just smoked? I see people driving terribly and recklessly on a daily basis and I'm not so sure that they're stoned, more like entitled. Would I rather be driving on the same road with a guy who just smoked a joint or a guy who just took legal Oxycontin? There's a drug problem here in America and it has a lot more to do with prescription drugs.

    I'm on my phone and I can't do the finger wagging thingie, so consider yourself wagged.

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  6. Ever notice that when something "blows up", such as that fieldhouse deal at EPHS, and you look at the names of the people involved, they are always the same names or relatives of people involved in other controversial issues or disasters.

    And, usually there are the same people or, again, relatives, making money on these fiascos.


    Why does the word "incestuous" always come to mind when I think of Paulding County politics and county business.

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  7. Did anyone read the actual study ? ? ?




    If you are asking if I read a study that shows that in states that have legalized marijuana, they are experiencing an increase of other issues and problems, the answer is, no.


    Common sense told me this would happen.

  8. Poor poor Poopy.

    Still whining about a man who's been dead for 22 years.


    If you ever need an example of how bad pot is for you, look at Poopy.

    It turned him into a loser in every aspect of life.

  9. I'm gonna skip back to the original topic and defend Mr. Maxwell.


    Leave Howard Maxwell alone.

    Don't you know that Mr. Maxwell has a Platinum Paulding County Citizenship?

    You can see it in the video, where he tells those of us who are just regular citizens, 'the same road that brought you here (to Paulding County) will take you back'.


    I finally remembered who Howard Maxwell reminds me of, Senator Claghorn from the old Fred Allen radio show.

    This character later became the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn.

    Hmmmmm, cartoon character.....maybe it's Foghorn Leghorn that Maxwell reminds me of.



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  10. Late last night the wife and I were coming back from the airport and stopped at the Waffle House in Dville.

    I really needed to go to the bathroom. but someone was in the men's room.

    There were only a couple customers in the WH and both were men, so I decided that I identified as a woman and went in the women's bathroom.

    Note: Waffle House has single commode bathrooms that lock and that helped me to decide I was a woman...at least for the next 60 seconds

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  11. Here is one of the out of county PACs supporting Liberty, American Foundation for Children Action Fund Georgia Independent Committee. If you do some research on them it won't take you long to find the Koch brothers back there smiling. You will also find the connection to the Amercian Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The same ALEC that has previously stated its purpose is "to introduce normal market forces" into education and to "dismantle the control and power of" teachers' unions by directing money from public institutions to private ones that were less likely to be unionized.[/size]

    One of their main supporters when speaking to an audience in 2006 explained that vouchers are really a step towards "abolishing the public school system." He went onto[/size] say, "How do we get from where we are to where we want to be?"..."Of course, the ideal way would be to abolish the public school system and eliminate all the taxes that pay for it. Then parents would have enough money to pay for private schools, but you're not gonna do that."

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but that is downright scary. Liberty homeschools her children and is supported by a group that calls for the dismantling of the public school system. Wacky weed is the least of my concerns with Liberty.[/size]


    Your funny.

    Dumb, but funny.

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  12. OK here is the scoop. Before the OP edited the post this morning he/she said that the incident was at Stars and Strikes. Some guy beat the hell out of another guy. Used his head for a mop and his butt for a broom. Cops came sent Ronda Rousey to hospital. Then cops talked with bad ass Chuck Norris, high fives, sent him on his way no arrest made. Readers Digest version of original post.

    Wonder why he/she edited it?

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  13. Not sure if a man was beaten by the police then released or if someone beat someone else then got released. Sounds like you had a good balcony seat for the show though..



    Where is Paul Harvey when you need him?



    Well, that's not a lot of information.


    What happened, what caused the altercation and where were you? When?



    ETA: Why even post if you're not going to explain the situation?



    Perhaps they are still in shock and were unable to bring themselves to type any details.

    (or.....perhaps they wanted to get their business link noticed on a sensational post)

  14. Lindsey Tippens was the one on the Senate floor that objected to medical marijuana use in Georgia.


    He wanted more studies done. There's no need for more studies. He just wanted his name in print, he doesn't give two hoots about cannabis oil helping very sick children and adults.




    Ezra suffered his first seizure at 3 days old.


    He screamed, gyrated, turned purple. The strain on his body and mind left him unresponsive for hours. At 3 months, the seizures began to multiply, 300 to 500 a day.


    Doctors pumped him full of medicines, which along with the near-constant seizures left him in a catatonic state, sleeping 21 hours a day. He went 4 months without crying.


    But as he nears his second birthday, Ezra is down to fewer than 10 seizures a day. He is putting on weight. He holds his head up. He cries when he is hungry. He shows preferences for objects and colors. His dozen medications are down to one, and he is being weaned off that.


    "He's like a totally different child," says his mother. "He's finally getting an infancy that he never had."


    She credits a most unlikely drug: marijuana.


    Kiser is among the hundreds of parents who have moved to Colorado in recent months or are planning to move to get access to a special strain of the plant. It is low in THC, the ingredient that gives users a "high," but high in cannabinoids, or CBD. That's the ingredient that has shown amazing results in reducing seizures with minimal side effects.


    They are marijuana refugees, families who have moved hundreds or thousands of miles away from loved ones for a drug that remains illegal for recreational use in 48 states and on the federal level. Their stories have sparked efforts in many states to relax marijuana laws and spurred research into how the drug reduces seizures.


    This former teacher from a Southern Baptist family in South Carolina is as surprised as anyone to be here.

    Like you said, he is against it for personal gain, nothing else.

    Again, if anyone who you consider to be intelligent enough to pour...water, out of a boot, says they are against medical cannabis oil, then they are doing so out of a personal agenda.

    If you know for a fact that they have no personal agenda and truly believe that medical cannabis oil may be used to get high, then I would not trust them to do anything that requires enough intelligence to pour...water, out of a boot.

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  15. Stoner medical oil? I've never heard of that. Medicinal cannabis oil is legal for certain ailments but it's not legal to buy or sell in Ga. Which obviously makes perfect sense. So basically, if a mother has a child who suffers 100 seizures a day wants to give her kid cannabis oil in hopes of a better quality of life, she has to risk possible jail time. Oh, and cannibis oil doesn't get you high. I guess it's just too much trouble for some people to educate themselves before they speak.


    That really is an ignorant statement.

    And I think it's the republicans trying to keep it out of Georgia.

    But I could be wrong.

    I have to think that post was tongue in cheek.

    I seriously doubt there is any rational, half way intelligent person that sincerely thinks or believes that medical cannabis oil has anything to do with getting high.

    I know very very little about medical cannabis oil, thankfully, I've never had the need to learn, but even I, just by osmosis, know that medical cannabis oil is not a mind altering drug.


    Like I said, I'm against the legalization of marijuana for smoking or eating, but to equate smoking pot with medical cannabis oil is as stupid as saying that you cannot have any anesthesia during surgery because the similar drugs are used to get high.



    Ohhhh, I'm still waiting for someone to justify the Howard Maxwell flyer.

    But I'm also happy to see that, apparently, everyone here realizes that there is no justification and that Howard Maxwell is a lowlife lier.


    You know, it amazes me how some people, or organizations, seem to have people not connected with them, spend lots and lots of money, to support these individuals or the organization's causes, all without being asked to do so or even with the individual's or organization's knowledge.

    Must be a LOT of people out there with a LOT of extra money and no desire to use it for themselves, take a trip, upgrade the kitchen, or even invest it for their kids and grandkids.

    Unasked and without any knowledge of those they are spending large sums of money for, they pay for flyers to be printed and mailed out, they pay for billboard to be posted.

    Now many people may find it hard to believe that people just spend big money in this way, without being asked or even discussing it with those who they are supporting, but come on, don't be so pessimistic, surely you have done the same thing or had it done for you.



    Not even once??

    Huh...strange...now that I think of it, me neither.

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  16. I have been a member of the Libertarian and Democrat parties. I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal.. I have been to a few Republican party meetings when there was a speaker of interest. I support the legalization of pot, oil, etc. but the issue is not of importance to me in the grand scheme of things. Its not in the top 10...



    For some reason, I had you down as being a big member of the local Republican party, no offence intended.

    I wasn't aware that you were a wacko, pot smoking, Dorito munching, liberal.

    After all, some of my best friends are wacko, pot smoking, Dorito munching, liberals.


    (just kidding....at least 99% kidding)

  17. I'm almost 63 and I've been saying for 2+ years the Commercialization issue will never be settled in my lifetime. So I agree you are most likely correct, I will be dead an gone before there's any chance of a commercial flight taking off from our airport.


    Another way to look at it is the new Braves Stadium will most likely be outdated and replaced before all our court cases are settled.


    Whatever happened that poster, or at least that one name (of probably many) they were posting under, who was saying that there would be commercial flights out of the Paulding Airport by the end of...2014?....2015?


    You know, the one that used all the fancy fonts and colors and bolds.

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