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  1. Thems were the good ol’ days, LR! MrsB here, not sure why my email shows up and not my “name”, lol.
  2. I have n't eaten there yet, but their prices are not bad at all. Not unlike getting biscuits at Hardee's or Lucky's, They have been jam packed ever since they opened. I hope to try them soon. Hibachi Express on S Cobb Drive is really good. I have eaten there several times.
  3. That place was nasty. I have no idea how it stayed open so long.
  4. MrsB


    This is terrible. I haven't been on in a long time. I hate to come back and see this. Thad and Melissa are in my prayers.
  5. He is diligently working on this place, and doing it himself for the most part. My husband and I LOVE JMac's, and have been looking forward to this place opening for some time. JMac's has GREAT food, and a great atmosphere, butnits a long drive. Everyone I know is looking forward to this opening. I think it will do well. Sal's is crap, and that's all there is down there.
  6. When he started pre-k last year I was a blubbering mess. I couldn't get it together. I was awful; like sobbing and having to go to the bathroom every few minutes. MrB was proud of me this year. LOLOLOL
  7. BabyB isn't a baby anymore. He started kindergarten today. He had a wonderful day, and we are so pleased with his school. I wish we could keep him there forever, but they only go through kindergarten. I thought I wouldn't cry, but kiddo walked ahead of me toward the school building today, and his backpack looked so big on his body, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Thank God MrB was there with me - I had to turn around and collect myself. But I was okay once I saw how excited he was in his classroom.
  8. I have been there twice, and I've only had the Tropichop LITE. I really like it! Much healthier and variety of options than most drive thru places.
  9. Last night we had had Champy's fried chicken, cole slaw, and baked beans. I died and went to heaven.
  10. About a month ago CarolineElizabeth and I were in our way to Nashville and this happened! It was in I75 near the Ringgold exit. It was POURING rain and the guy was weaving, flying up in people, not maintains a lane, slowing down to nearly 40, and it was terrifying. CE called 911 and they asked us to follow. We did but not closely, and it continued all the way to the I75/I24 split in Chattanooga. We continued to give mile markers, details, etc., and not a single cop showed up. I do not understand that! It was awful! *ON My phone refuses to recognize *on* as a word and I don't catch the au
  11. I made a chicken pot pie, but MrB came home early and wanted to take us for pizza, so we had Pizza Shack! Pretty good! The sun was very soothing to my soul today. It's amazing how a little sunshine can totally change your mood!!
  12. That's right! I have seen him before, but it has been a long time since I have.
  13. Where is this man? I remember hearing about him, but I'm not sure where he is located.
  14. I made Paula Deen's chicken bog. Super unhealthy, but so good on yet another rainy day.
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