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  1. I have a family member who is diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and OCD. It is so incredibly sad. He is at least an organized hoarder (stacks and stacks of newspapers and magazines,buy one bookcase then buy 15, etc). I cannot watch the show anymore because a lot of these people seem to have some sort of mental illness. This is very real.
  2. Loved the cupcakes! The white chocolate was awesome and my son raved over the red velvet!! We will definitely be back
  3. Wow-this makes for an interesting discussion...I agree w/Happy Wife and Mom and my thoughts are--Abuse can exist beyond the legal age of consent sometimes. As a parent I cannot imagine having any desire to have that kind of relationship(I can't find another word) with my sons. I would die for these 2 boys and even though they are young adults, would probably hurt anyone who hurt them. I have spent 21 years feeding, clothing, kissing booboos, dealing w/frustrations, and having the most rewarding 21 years of my life. To see them happy, healthy, and with families of their own is my greatest d
  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I really needed a giggle! My favorite was the case of beer for new moms!! And call it "Tonic"! PRICELESS!
  5. I can vouch for this...the Orange Creamsicle cupcake is Decadent Blissfulness. The ones I purchased did not stay in the house for long!(15 minutes tops)
  6. I usually do $3 (they are just down the street) for 2 pizzas. If the weather is miserable (cold, rainy, etc) I increase that. The day/night of the Great Flood I was so elated for my oldest to be home safely after a 4 house drive from Kennesaw that I ordered from a place probably .2 miles from my house. I gave my driver a $10 tip because I figured he was probably having a rough nite-
  7. momof2


    PINA COLADA CUPCAKES ARE THE DEBIL!! Lol!! Everything is soo good! Stopped by for cupcakes! Delish!
  8. Saw it just last night w/hubby and we both really enjoyed it! Denzel is great!
  9. This is why I love,love,love my DVR--I am going to watch the rest of it today-Is Betty White really going to host? I love her! Lake Placid is a classic at our house!
  10. My DS and I just went to the local mexican restaurant on Ridge Rd and were almost ran down by a car flying thru the lot. I always stop and wait anyway because you just never know, especially at night. The teen driver just made a face and flew on by. I really wish I had gotten her tag but I was sooo FURIOUS!!!!! We had already made it halfway into the crossing (the other car had stopped to let us cross)But she was flying--even if she had tried to stop she couldn't have-- Fuming while crunching on my nachos I realized--THERE ARE NO SPEED Bumps in the lot!! There are 2 establishments that s
  11. momof2

    Our water

    Where are you located? My friend is having problems right now?
  12. As a parent of a senior, I think this could have been handled better. I saw in another thread comments about teen drivers saying (paraphrased--"if your so worried-they should ride the bus"). I think that is an unreasonable statement. This is Georgia, these weather "events" are few and far between. My senior is an excellent driver and I prefer riding with him over some adults I know!! (LOL) He adheres strictly to speed limit, is very cautious, etc. But, THIS IS GEORGIA--when we have these unusual events like we have had this year, I think it is better to err on the overcautious side!!!--
  13. We just got back from seeing Sherlock--we (DH and DS-18)loved it!
  14. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am going to put it in a cutesy format and put it up at work on my desk as a daily reminder! Wouldn't this be such a nice world if more of us remembered this I am also going to put it in my kitchen on a recipe card--and on my bathroom mirror, and in my car, and..LOLOLOL!!! Happy Thanksgiving!
  15. I believe it is "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"--I think it was recorded by Neil Sedaka? OOPS--Paul Simon--Neil Sedaka--oh well:)
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