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  1. Get a Marathon water heater. Those things are great. Used to have one of the cheap heaters but in our new home I sprung for one of these and it is a world of difference. I've never run out of hot water, and in the last ice storm when we were out of power for 3 days, when the power came back on, the water was still warm enough for a shower when it came out. The tank isn't metal so it won't rust out on you, and has a lifetime warranty on it. Call your local power company, that's where we got ours. Only thing they told us you might need to do is eventually replace the heating unit, which just pul
  2. You can install (or have installed) a hand pump for emergencies, depending on the depth of water and type of well you have. If it is a casement well you can always use a bucket and just filter in manually. With a bore well, if your piping goes in through the top (and not out the side), you will need a pro to install it. That top is supporting several hundred pounds of piping and your submersible pump. If its out the side, its supported by the metal pipe/casing of the well, and can be a DIY. I'm in the same boat but have a somewhat dry old casement well on my property. My bore well is throu
  3. You have to be responsible for yourself, as you are your own first responder. Start planning now how would you get home, what would you need to do so, and what would you use to protect yourself if someone wanted to take what you have ? What would you do for your child if they were starving and it came between them starving/suffering, and some random stranger with food or a warm blanket ? What would someone else do if the situation were reversed, and you were the person just enough food for your own family to survive or get home ? In the right circumstances it may come down to that. Most of our
  4. Go google 72 hour bag or "bug out bag", you will find a good list of supplies to keep you safe/secure for 3 days for when things go wrong.
  5. They work well for my, but I have nothing but hardwoods around me. Only pine trees are an acre plus away from the house.
  6. I've had them in the past, but I don't really trust them now. Too much of a gamble injecting my weak immune system, with asthma, with something that I may never even come into contact with - every single year. Used to it took years of testing to get anything out to the public. Now, things get rolled out way too quickly. I've had my own close calls with some of these new medicines, one of which almost left me crippled. I recovered after a few months, but others did not. I just don't trust getting stuck with some bacteria/virus every year from China along with whatever else is in there.
  7. Wife had an issue with her 2004 Jeep Wrangler where the heat coming off the engine would cause the fuel in the line to one of the injectors to get too hot. Might have even been the third one that did register on the error code as a "misfire". There was a bulletin put out on it, and I fixed it by wrapping the fuel line with some of the silver heat wrap. Mostly this was an issue when you would drive somewhere, stop the car, then need to restart it 10-30 minutes later. The fuel was hot in the firing cylinder and it wouldn't want to start. $12 worth of insulating material and its been fine ever si
  8. I had relief for awhile and mine quit for a number of years, then they came back with a vengeance. The hard is finding a solution to the migraines, and not just a doctor who is attached to a pain clinic who wants to throw narcotics at you. I was very fortunate to find a good one where I live now (Dr. Ranadive) who specializes in epilepsy and migraines. Mine are sparked mostly by weather or waking up about 2-4am with one, and they would drag on for days. What worked for me was a beta blocker, topomax in the evening, and an anti-inflammatory taken a few days till the end anytime we have storms c
  9. He is a great doctor, used to go to him when I was up in the area. Name pronounced like Don-zick for those interested.
  10. Christmas decorations are already out in a a few stores now, and K-Mart is having an Easter sale next week.
  11. I have no idea who's even playing, and could care less. Only sports I'll bother watching now are MMA fights and rodeo/bull riding.
  12. I've found having acreage is the best protector from annoying noise (or neighbors) around you. In case you decide to move in the future, its something to keep in mind if neighbors testing their stereos/engines/etc bothers you too much. Won't help you much if you like the social aspect of living in a s/d, but you have to weigh your own personal pros/cons. Be aware to, if its agricultural property - rules are often different. I can fire up any type of machinery at any time of the day due to the zoning. While there's not much AG property left in Paulding, be aware that the rules are often dif
  13. Heh, I got Montana - sounds about right.
  14. I live in Fayetteville, and I don't even go that way here when I visit my folks in Dallas.
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