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  1. You're a bigot and a racist. I hope they find the killer soon.
  2. I'm so very sorry to hear this. I will keep you in my thoughts.
  3. Can you elaborate on the shade you're trying to throw?
  4. Another political race where you have to vote for the lesser of two evils. A smart, logical business owner would not post such things. It's not a matter of being offended, it's a matter of electing someone who practices good judgement. Unfortunately this race is a toss-up between the two because neither have practiced good judgment.
  5. Seems to me that it would be common sense that there were more adults than children present at the march.
  6. I'm all for crude humor but what he wrote was just plain weird. Definitely not something a smart business owner would do.
  7. My common sense and logic says you're wrong.
  8. If you've never been shot at, or feared being shot at while at school trying to learn I don't think you can really grasp the why. If you can leave your politics out of it and use a little empathy you have a better chance at understanding.
  9. I'm so proud of our young people today.
  10. We should listen to all of the views. I've heard of Kyle and so far I haven't seen any adults looking to discredit his views by belittling him the way others have David Hogg. I said in another thread that my sister is a mentor at her local high school and she heard all types of views from her kids. Some want more gun control, some wanted more guns, some wanted to get out of class... As far as the video goes, I'm not ready to pass judgement on someone who is young and had a bunch of his friends killed at school. Not David or Kyle. I can't even begin to imagine how I would feel in that circumstance, or what I would say. I am pro Second Amendment, I think most people are. But I'm also pro common sense. The NRA doesn't represent gun owners. They represent gun manufacturers and they line the pockets of our politicians. Same thing can be said about big Pharma. Unfortunately our elected officials can't always use common sense when the almighty dollar is at play.
  11. Wanting more gun control doesn't equal not caring about the second amendment. I personally know plenty of gun owners that understand this. My point is, he's not alone in his beliefs. If any policy we're changed, it wouldn't be because David Hogg said it should be. It would be because parents, concerned citizens, and victims have finally had enough.
  12. Let's not pretend that there's not millions of other people who feel the same way those kids do. People have been trying to make changes for years. Most notably since 25 6 and 7 year olds were gunned down in their classroom. Never in my life have I seen adults try so hard to discredit child victims of violence. https://newtownbee.com/sandy-hook-families-organizations-react-to-latest-mass-shooting/
  13. In reference to d.) You constantly call people names here. Don't be a hypocrite. Maybe you're different in real life but online you definitely come across as an azzhole. I'm sure you know that already.
  14. Trump said himself that he congratulated Putin. Apparently after his National Security advisors told him not to. I think that's where the controversy is.
  15. I'm all for discussing social problems and gun control. Also, I just read there might be another bombing in Texas. Where is Trump on this? It seems like he almost never wants to discuss domestic terrorism.
  16. No president will be able to stop school shootings. Not as long as we have special interest groups paying off our politicians and citizens unwilling to listen.
  17. I would love to hear people's legitimate concerns about the nature of that protest. If you could link me to an unbiased source that would be great. So far all I hear is speculation and pure political partisanship, aka, I refuse to recognize reality or have an adult discussion because I'm afraid the invisible liberal monster will take my guns. I actually think he does want to end it but he wants to be loved by Republicans more. He was pretty straightforward right after the Parkland shooting until the special interest groups got a chance to correct him.
  18. The op is a factual account of what happened today followed by a video (that I didn't watch originally) Even after watching it, I don't consider it snarky and most importantly it's not belittling of kids. Newflash, this administration is a trainwreck.
  19. This type of response along with the "why don't we ban bombs" response simply sounds ignorant. I see it all the time. Lord help us all when the first response for many to the death of kids is a snarky politically-driven comment aimed toward children with a legitimate concern. I'm glad the shooter was killed. Maybe it sounds harsh for those pretending they care about bullying and mental illness all of a sudden, but I'm sorry. I don't feel sorry for anyone who chooses to pick up a gun and kill innocent kids. May this shooter be an example to all possible future shooters.
  20. Dang. Now I'm craving carmel cake!
  21. My sister is a high school mentor. She said her students walked out for different reasons. Some for gun control, some for better school security, some to honor the dead. She even said some did it just to get out of class. But to suggest that they didn't know why or what they were doing is just plain wrong and frankly insulting. These kids have never even known life without mass/school shootings. It's been happening since before they were born. Of course they know, they've never not known. I can only speak for myself but if I we're them I would be terrified to go to school.
  22. After the election I unfollowed all of the left biased news sources I followed. It was my way of giving trump a fair shot and benefit of the doubt. I really hoped once he became president he would start acting like a normal person. What most of us see is a giant train wreck, and a president who acts really guilty of something, hence the continuous low approval rating. I'm sure if I was to follow only right-wing news sources my perception would be different. When you dismiss all news that you don't agree with as being fake news and only subscribe to one view, you set yourself up to be woefully misinformed. I know studies are already being done on how otherwise intelligent people who are willing be disillusioned in the name of politics. It's definitely a weird time to be an American.
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