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  1. they are popping up all over the county -- they are even covering both lanes of the 4-lane 278 near cadillac dr . . . the one on bakers bridge rd has moved to the county line with douglas co
  2. unknown -- no one i talked to at d.o.t. seems to know anything about the cameras being there or who put the poles in the ground, etc - from the company web site, they charge h.o.a groups $2500 per camera, and store the pics for 30 days before purging. . on the law enforcement side, they are being vague as to releasing information about their cameras other than to brag about Cobb PD catching porch bandits / package thieves using their subdivision hoa cameras - they do seem to have limitations: it only works at less than 75 feet and under 75 mph . . that is why
  3. just an update --- they seem to be from a local company "flock safety" that began selling tag readers to HOA and subdivisions. More recently, they have Cobb PD, Dekalb, and others around metro atlanta as customers too https://www.flocksafety.com/
  4. anyone else noticed the tag reader cameras that are popping up around south paulding? -- 1 on bakers bridge road and another near kroger on ridge rd . . . . Crime suppression? or just logging tag numbers for some other nefarious reason? black pole near the edge of road with a solar panel on top and a camera facing the rear of vehicles . . . pic of a sample one:
  5. lousy tacos . . . . . very little meat, very little lettuce, very little cheese --- and the shell had a bad flavor & greasy
  6. if you have any limbs or other debris, take care of it tomorrow --- burn ban starts wednesday (770) 505-burn
  7. it depends on which side of the county you are located. . . . . south paulding is closer to the douglas county landfill / recycling center. free to recycle glass, cardboard, motor oil, plastics, etc
  8. to keep your glass shower doors clean, use dryer sheets to wipe them down
  9. i just had to giggle at the AJC story ---- "Deal descended in a state patrol helicopter on Friday morning and landed at the tiny airport"
  10. not just grocery stores --- i have had this happen to me at academy sports... very rude, line breakers have no respect for anyone but themselves
  11. all 3 family members have gone to marietta eye clinic -- 2 in douglasville location, 1 in acworth location --- due to various problems with each appointment with what should be a simple eye exam, i cannot recommend this company..... douglasville in particular had a used-car-dealer vibe with our appointments i can recommend both thomas eye group and woodhams eye clinic - not local, both near 285/400
  12. who are those guys driving around the dallas area with signs on their big trucks saying "free tree removal 770-899-6699 or 770-895-5768" ? legit?
  13. good show, charlie daniels still rockin out at 81 irritated though, the fox specifically said in all their promotions and ticket emails that no recording devices or cameras / photographs were allowed. so we left our camera home....... soon as the show starts, people jumping up and taking pictures and video --- not being enforced at all ! we were close enough, could have gotten some really good pics show is there all weekend fri, sat & sun night 7:30 to after 11pm
  14. I snagged 4th row for friday night show --- they are playing all weekend and some tickets are still available. Anyone else going?
  15. seattle costco robbers get the surprise of their lives....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPgsOMjEJ4o&feature=youtu.be
  16. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a recall for Kidde dual sensor smoke alarms, citing concerns that the detectors won’t properly alert people in the event of a fire. According to the CPSC, a yellow cap left on during manufacturing can cover one of the alarm’s two smoke sensors, thereby compromising its ability to detect smoke. The model numbers for the smoke alarms impacted are PI9010 and PI2010. The CPSC recommends consumers remove the alarm and visually inspect the alarm through the opening on the side to see if there is a yellow cap. If the cap is present then Kidde
  17. The fake caller ID problem has been going on for a few years. Now the FCC officially recognizes the problem. It will probably take them 2 more years to finally make it illegal / start putting people in jail...... https://www.acainternational.org/news/fcc-consumer-advisory-committee-approves-recommendation-regarding-caller-id-authentication
  18. plenty of $500 to $1000 running cars on govdeals and public surplus --- the only problem is usually they are not in georgia for some reason, georgia police do not like to auction their drug-dealer cars and dui cars, etc if i am not mistaken, in tennessee, police will take your car and auction it on your 3rd dui i have gotten many great deals from police impound cars. they usually sit for a year until they go to court & sometimes they do not have a key, but i usually have a locksmith meet me at the gate and use AAA to jump start it
  19. retailers such as home depot, target, autozone, etc to name a few, will only hire those with good credit reports ---- no matter what the experience or lack of don't forget the psych test part of the job application process too --- if you can't pass that, then you are wasting your time trying to work in retail
  20. ---- you have the equipment move a 20k pound JLG manlift? Boom Truck Rental, Rome, Ga. 706-346-4638 https://www.facebook.com/boomtruckrentalromega/ last year, they were using a large basket connected to their crane truck as a man-lift
  21. The signs are up now --- it is called the "bright star logistics center" --- 26 acres and a 330,000 sq ft building
  22. in the above linked MDJ story, --- " Sheriff Gary Gulledge said the new jail is needed because the current, 200-bed jail’s design does not conform to state standards for detention facilities." sooooo, if it does not meet standards for the state of georgia, then there is no way the feds will give the county a contract to house their inmates from the marshals service or ice......
  23. maybe it is this project that the details seem to be a secret ---- http://www.ajc.com/business/enormous-billion-data-campus-planned-for-metro-atlanta/f1b5bwLTo9ZioJBa3NTGWN/
  24. for auto locks and remotes, i recommend McTyre locksmith on bankhead hwy, between douglasville and lithia spgs..... he uses generic key fobs if you do not have one, but he will also program ones you have bought somewhere else, ebay or chrysler dealer, etc..... most places will not program remotes unless you buy them. he did a chrysler 300 for me last year...... if you need a key made, he is old school and will sit on a stool next to your car and use a file and make you a key in about 10 minutes
  25. there is a major fiber communications line along the silver comet trail right-of-way..... not sure who owns it, but if you are really curious you can look at the bunker and signage near the cobb/paulding line
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