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  1. If you do not use filtered water or distilled water it will cause the coffee maker to get plugged up. Regular tap water can really mess up the coffee makers. My husband and I ruined our first Keurig using tap water. Ours started making half cups from time to time and then quit making coffee all together. If you read the instruction booklet, it tells you to use filtered water. Also, you are suppose to clean it with vinegar from time to time. We have one at work too and it is better to use a bigger one than a single serve for multiple people. There are actually industrial Keurig machines for the
  2. I would make sure to report them to the Better Business Bureau. You could also call Clark Howard's consumer line to find out more information on what you can do about it. Clark's line has help me several times. I would be the biggest pain in their backside as possible.
  3. I am so happy that they caught these dirt bags! I know they didn't get everything back but at least they did get some of it back!
  4. Any more news on this? I saw a huge pillar of black smoke coming up from around that area this afternoon. It looked like something big was burning.
  5. Glad to hear you are better! Did the doctor say what kind of spider it could have been?
  6. My family does much better shopping there than Kroger. There are alot of name brand items we get that are anywhere from 2 to 5 dollars cheaper per item than Kroger's price. For example, we buy Nature's Own bread for 1. 79 versus Kroger around 3.50 a loaf. When you have to buy 3 to 4 loafs a week it adds up. We also buy microwavble sausage biscuits for about $5 a bag and Kroger is $9. It adds up! I also get tired of only having Kroger store brands to choose from and like that Food Depot always has a variety of name brands. We also buy Food Depot's meat and the ground chuck is better tasting tha
  7. She was a great lady! RIP
  8. It usually goes up this time of year because people spend their tax refunds. It will go back down before long when they run out of the extra cash.
  9. Try Green Acres in Cartersville. My husband's family used them for years. My husband and I used them for 8 years when we lived in Powder Springs. I'm pretty sure they will come to the Paulding area too. They always had the better prices and always did a wonderful job.
  10. Thank you for posting this. I hope they win. The kids have worked really hard this year and the money can help alot of kids that can't afford to be in band. Please vote!!!!1
  11. Totally agree with you! I just wish Wade would totally open up to Zoey....I think it would open up her eyes. This is my favorite show this year!
  12. This is the french place.........it's very good! http://www.douceurdefrance.com/
  13. At least he did take a cut to save the jobs of others. How many other high paid people out there do you know doing the same? Have to admire him for that!
  14. She is located on Ridge Rd where Bumble Bee use to be.
  15. I think about this little boy quite alot too. He was such a sweet looking little fellow and it just broke my heart to think about how that little boy might have suffered by the hands of that witch step mother. I also think alot about the little boys whose mother drown them by driving the car into the lake. If my memory is correct, her name was Susan Smith. I remember the little boys were Michael and Alex. For years, I would have all white lights on my Christmas tree except for two color ones (one red & one blue) for each boy. This case really weighed heavy on my mind and I could not u
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