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  1. Ive been using this same lady for about 3yrs now, for my house, now my home isn't as large as the one you are speaking about..she has always done a great job and I have 6 animals so hair gets everywhere inside my home. She comes 1 time a week for regular cleaning and every 2 weeks she comes in cleans all blinds, baseboards,window sills,cat walks are also dusted and wiped down with wet cloth,and what I like about her she takes her time to do the job correctly AND she has OCD..so that helps..Please feel free to pm me for her name and number.Thanks
  2. yes i agree,and dolly made the comment years ago that she liked to dress like a hooker...haha
  3. yep i agree with u maybe she can hook up with adam now can u ee them two with the high notes they match real close
  4. yep and everything is going fast just got back
  5. im headed that way now to see if they're open,i will post when i get back
  6. i hate to see this rain for them, rain has messed them up before for a couple yrs in a row some yrs back, they usually have 300 or more cars show.
  7. a good washing of rain will help with the pollen we should get it today
  8. sounds like something my neighbor would do
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