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  1. we use Pure Talk. we have 2 cell phones with just talk and text. we get 180 minutes to split between us (we hardly use our phones so have plenty left over) and what we dont use rolls over and dont ever expire. the first phone is $10/month and the 2nd is $5/month. extra minutes will automatically update with no penalty as we need them for $10. the highest is $43.95/m for iphones with unlimited talk and text and also 600 multimedia text and 1g data. you can upgrade and down grade at any time without penalty.
  2. I was told that I am still here... but dont believe the rumors...
  3. metal? wood? engraved? painted? stick on? dog? human?
  4. we went cable free for a couple of years but went back to cable when we were offered a package that included internet and cable for less than just internet. now the offer has ended and the price has gone back up... but guess what... I am now hooked on "Game of Thrones"... does anyone know how to watch that online without cable? that is the only thing we have not found an alternative way of watching online. (we are not sports watchers)
  5. can I repost this out on FB??
  6. I am between Nebo and Dallas Nebo and we had the doors and windows open all day (nice breeze)... it got to almost be a game between me and DH to see who could hear the next one first!!
  7. I am afraid the only summer camp I know for sure of is an overnight week (or maybe 2 week) long camp in north carolina for kids and dogs put on by one of the Survivor contestants who is big in the dog community (Jane Hammett Bright) you may want to check in to Paulding Parks and Rec... they have a lot of kids activities and may have a summer camp of some kind
  8. I have heard them 3 more times since that last post with the most recent just now.
  9. home trying to work on editing my latest novel. need to get that sucker done in time to be published in July
  10. We live just off of hwy 61 south New Georgia area. I have been hearing sirens off and on all day. It is not unusual to hear one every once in a while but I have heard at least a dozen of them periodically since just before lunch. Is there something going on down here or is it just a bunch of people partying a little early? thanks!!
  11. I worked for a place once that we dealt with people (or at least organs) after death. We would find out the way the people died. There were always people who yes, died during sex... but there were also some others like: the guy who just passed his residency who was out celebrating with friends and slipped and hit his head on the bar and died... they guy who had a heart attack inside of a porta-potty and died... the guy who decided to work on the roof of his house and through a rope over the roof and anchored himself to the family car to keep himself from falling --- but forgot to tell his
  12. I did not take the easy way out and it looks like, while the OP is considering letting his other house go to forclosure, he has been struggling to make the payments despite the bank not working with him. I do not know the original reasons for him to choose to build instead of staying where he was. I do know it is not easy to be debt free. We have been working very hard at it ourselves. No eating out, no trips, no movies, no new clothes for years now, growing our own garden in the back yard, doing without cable tv, coupon clipping, learning the joys of super glue and duck tape when before s
  13. we have been mortgage free since 2008. so happy for you. we are also free of all credit cards, we dont even have a checking account. we have a personal savings, a business savings, and paypal (most of our business stuff is done through website and paypal anyway). we pay cash for everything (except car insurance which is online). it is very liberating not having to deal with all of the crap going on with financial institutions these days. it is so nice to be debt free!! (oops... sorry about that it posted double)
  14. I have definately been known to break a few laws with my hubby in the privacy of our bedroom... or hot tub deck....
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