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  1. I shouldn't be but am still amazed at the stupidity and pathetic nature of the common liberal. Attack the politician, attack the supporters of that politician, attack whatever and/or whoever you think you must to achieve your goals/agenda. And it is the common liberal that makes it difficult for reasonable people to accept or believe that there are good people out that that happen to be liberal, though I still contend that there must be. Not on this site... but somewhere.
  2. A movie quote to support your point of view. Yes, the flag is only a symbol of our country. But the symbol stands a proxy for the actual ideals that help shape our country and make it great. And at some point, a symbol should be held up (so to speak), it should be honored and it should be respected. It does stand for freedom. However disrespecting a symbol of freedom is disrespecting freedom itself and the point you make is irrelevant. And as for something being "just a symbol" . . . Do you not hold dear your wedding ring; would you tolerate it being disrespected?
  3. Interesting how some here want to sidestep the issue and talk about trump. It is sad that all some of you have is your hate for trump and seemingly anything and everything that is not liberal. Come on . . give me your reasons/excuses why your particular brand of hate has nothing to do with liberalism and everything to do with your misguided idea of what is right and what is wrong. You love this issue as much as some of the conservative sheep do because it gives you yet another outlet for your idiocracy. The nfl and those who protest in any form or fashion during the national a
  4. You are correct. At its essence, patriotism is about respect. Respect for the symbols representing the nation that affords an individual countless freedoms and opportunities. Respect for those who have served and sacrificed (in various capacities) to achieve and/or protect those freedoms and opportunities. Respect for the institution that. while far from perfect, gives all of us the chance to do better than those before us. The Pledge of Allegiance was brought about to instill a sense of pride in one's Country. The idea of playing the National Anthem before a sporting e
  5. I disagree with the kneeling protest and I disagree they have the right to do it while representing their employer. Having said that . . . What is their goal? To bring attention to the plight of people of color by disrespecting the flag of the Nation that has given them the opportunities they have? Ok. What is the end game? How do they intend to measure success in getting their message out there? At what point do they decide they have done enough? In this instance, I believe the nfl will discontinue the playing of the National Anthem and the unfurling of the fl
  6. Wait! Does this mean that the Honorable Sir John Booker, Assistant Baggage Director at JFK Airport in the USA, does not have an package of Great importance to be consigned to me upon my proof of my name and Small handling fee for the process of Diplomatic paperworks?
  7. I am ready . . . for the commercials to stop.
  8. Popcorn should be banned. Too many people don't know how to microwave it and the awful smell spreads everywhere. There is a microwave literally right outside of my office (in a side hall suite of offices) so I get to "enjoy" everything that is heated up in it. Sometimes it's not bad, but most of the time it is awful. If I eat anything in my office, I take the trash to the can in a common area - like the break room - or even outside.
  9. I think it would be nice to see stories/info on non-political, non-airport news and events. I remember and kind of miss the days of "mindless Posting." These days, it is division - and yes I have my side - and there are too many nonsensical, pot-stirring topics.
  10. And what's really good is there are paramedics at the FD right beside Kroger!
  11. While this thread is about the bad idea that is the airport in Paulding . . . You are correct - to a certain extent - that the same applies to schools and hospitals . . . . in the inner cities. Draw your own conclusions there. But it seems that the common theory in regard to airports is there is a larger group of people who are obviously unarmed, in most cases have valuables and/or cash on them and are often unfamiliar with their surroundings . . . which equals easy targets for bad guys. Basically, it's kind of that "build it and they will come" scenario and it applies to cri
  12. A google search clearly shows higher crime stats around airports from all types of news sources.
  13. As opposed to democrats turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to hrc and the many wonderful things about her? Collectively, y'all take what supports your ideas and run with it - recklessly at times. To suggest that anyone -and specify republicans - is ok with some piece of sheeze child molester is reckless and it is irresponsible. And it is that type of commentary that feeds the divide. But it's ok in the mind of a democrat: it's for a "greater" cause. We know that y'all will continue feeding on and sharing in your ridiculous ideas and thoughts - your rage - and that you will
  14. What a bunch of crap. Are you people suggesting that "good republicans" must have known and turned a blind eye . . or were too stupid to pick up on this guys sick behavior? Nasty, sick people can and will do nasty, sick things until they are finally caught. It has nothing to do with voters, nothing to do with party affiliation and for anyone to suggest otherwise is almost as sick. But then I think you probably already know that.
  15. It seems MS has decided to patch it. You can find that info here: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/msrc/2017/06/13/june-2017-security-update-release/ But you really shouldn't go back to XP. And if your PC doesn't run 7 very well, then you should consider a new PC. Running unpatched software will leave a back door open for anyone who might wander by . . . then your whole network and anything on it could be compromised.
  16. The instrument used committing violence is irrelevant. The disease is the segments of society that turn to violence as a response to circumstance or injustice (real or perceived). But we tip-toe around that. It's easier to blame a weapon.
  17. Yeah . . . I had said "crappy town". and that's what it translated to. Oops.
  18. El parque en una ciudad de mierda.
  19. Not sure if your problem is reading comprehension or insane distortion of fact.
  20. And here I thought this was going to be a "man-in-the-mirror" revelation kind of thing.
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