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  1. It is fixed. Thread closed. Sarge.
  2. I don't know why your HTML was not working. When you reinserted it, it works now but I had to do some editing on this end. It should be working now. If you have trouble with videos in the future, let me know and I will see if I can restart it again. Sarge.
  3. The html is not working in your video for some reason. I'm trying to fix it now. Sarge
  4. ohmygod. There's more fired off rounds in here than I saw in the DMZ. Andy is not going to like this!
  5. It is in Paulding Place. Password is "ON" (all caps).
  6. Right not this is not a political nor a religious discussion since it is not a doctrine discussion. This is about society and we'll keep it in the Cafe for now.
  7. Let's remember that when discussing a topic, let's refrain from making accusations. A post was made invisible because it accusations that cannot be substantiated as fact. Discuss, but stay away from the line that we mustn't cross with accusations. Sgt. Carter
  8. Some posts have been moved to Paulding Place where those members may flame away. For anyone interested in the urination contest, it has the title Stops Signs and Motorcycles. Sgt. Carter
  9. Let's calm the discussion down. This is a hot-button issue. Calm down or this will cause bullets to fly. Discuss without being a total disaster. Sgt. Carter
  10. Bogey sighted! Target locked! Splash one! Splash one! Stay with me, Goose. Permission to buzz the tower?
  11. Stay on topic. Bullets will fly. Making personal comments directed at members or name calling will be dealt with according to the rules. Don't press me on this. Sgt. Carter
  12. LPPT: This one was due to moderator functions with the upgrade. I had to get a more senior moderator to use their powers on this one. All fixed.
  13. Topic has been cleaned up and returned to the Cafe. The other posts are in the TONK under the heading TOPI THAT OPEN THE TONK AGAIN. If you dare go there, the password for the TONK is YUK (all caps). I apologize for taking so long to do this but there was a technical issue with the board and the moderation ability to fix this. It is done. Shop Mayberry often. Enjoy the day. Sgt. Carter
  14. Let's stay on the topic and not the ancillary A topic.
  15. This is not a political thread. Political comments should be in the proper forum. This is a news item and should be discussed as such. Let's stay on topic. Sgt. Carter
  16. Ask them if there is a charity they would like you to make a donation to on their behalf.
  17. The topic wasn't political but the legitimate discussion of a news event. Then some posters began the usual political fireballs. The general rule we moderators use for this type of thread is to leave it as a news article for as long as possible. The fact that a presidential candidate bowed out of the race and there is speculation of affair(s) is news. This will always have some political snipers too. Until it turns very political, it stays. We did the same with John Edwards. We cannot please everyone. Some believe this is only news while others believe this topic is only political. The
  18. With all the cussings I've had to take from some members lately, Lord knows I could use a Mayberry; and a few shots to boot.
  19. Rent a car here and drop it off in Port Canaveral. The rental car facilities have shuttles to the port. Hertz is a 3 minute ride from dropping off the car to walking into the port boarding area.
  20. To the number of pics you can post? No limit. To the number of times you can do this? No limit.
  21. You will need to ask Sheriff Gulledege, Chief Yandura or Chief Halter about that.
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