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  1. Everyone goes to their corner and will shout their talking points and talk past each other. You say your foil was doing the insults. Other people have the said the same about your side but you didn't say anything about those posters. I'm going to suggest you step back and look objectively at all of it. Why it is that the other person and other side is always the one getting nasty and insulting according to you?

    Somehow, the other side points to similar things from your side and you don't see what the other side is upset about. When you begin calling out on your side for saying things like "libtards" or "Democraps" or "RepubliCons" or CONservatives," or "low information voters," or "socialists" or "communists," or "fascists," or "low IQ," or "ignorant," or "haters of America," or "voters who leach off the taxpayer," or "corporate welfare voters," or whatever other word is used to describe them, then we can start talking about being fair.


    Ever noticed how your ideas always seem to be right, fair, moderate, unbiased, based on evidence and facts, educated, and backed up with evidence but the other side is not? Maybe the problem is you're wrong. Maybe you're in the extreme. Maybe you're the one who is insulting. Maybe you're saying things in such a way that causes the other side to respond in-kind.


    Maybe the physician needs to heal himself. Maybe not.

    Listening to learn is not a bad thing even from those who disagree with at every turn. If you don't listen to understand, they will always be wrong in your thinking. So will you.

    This thread is closed.


    Just an observation....Only one person on this board has ever posted "Goodness. Gracious. Sakes alive..." and done so multiple times. Could be just a coincidence. Not as if it matters, I just like the game.


    - Jamie

    There are four posters who have made that statement and I'm just one of them. Before you go on the quest to figure out who I am when posting, good luck with that. I don't post on the board. Continue on with your game.

  3. .


    What fact would that be? That I called out an old man for being nasty with my heritage? And you deleted it? Because you did. It’s not there.


    Goodness. Gracious. Sakes alive. Let me make this PERFECTLY CLEAR.


    We got the report. We took action. We set the offending post invisible and all the responses that copied to that post were made invisible. We then took other action that we won't discuss onto a member. That member went back and edited other posts to include similar things. Yet another member says he believes TP is special and protected. We hear that one a lot and it is not true. We do take action. It was handled. My response was to that poster who suggested some members are protected or special.


    We got new reports from several members who believe we didn't do anything with those posts. Wrong. Those were handled last night. These new reports are about edited posts that that were done after our action last night. So we handled it again.


    Hopefully, this will be a reminder to everyone to not make assumptions about what the moderators are or are not doing.

  4. We had hoped all of you would behave like adults but you're not. The last few weeks have been insult and name calling and retaliation and then hitting the report button while acting innocent like you've not been doing the same thing. STOP IT. Act like you want to be treated. More bullets will fly. Grow up.

    Stop the childishness.

  5. To Putsy and all you sore losers partisan moderators. I see you moved my post to the political forum yet there are at least three ongoing post in the Café that are just as political and far more partisan. You people really are sad childish losers just like your collapsing socialist party. Censorship is just as bad when Commies do it as when Fascist do it. Hypocrites.

    We don't know if it is not reported.


    Thread closed.



  6. I'm shutting this down. There is NO discussion of the A topic. Guard Dad, if you want to discuss the topic of aboortzion, it won't be on the open board, but you are welcome to do that in PM with Pubby. If you want to discuss why the issue is off limits, then that is what this thread was about and you can take that one up with Pubby in PM too.

    This one is closed. Don't open another one.

  7. So some mod decided this was political.

    I moved it. I did so because at the time I had not found any other source to verify it. The Daily Caller is like the National Enquirer. Now that it is verified by reputable sources, I am moving it back to the Cafe. The politics of this will cause it to be moved later on but all the mods agree after verifying that it is news.

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