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  1. No gardening for us yet. If you look really close you'll see a poor Robin hanging on for dear life in that little tree.
  2. Windows wide open, cool breeze blowing in, 80*F and 40% humidity. Awesome. (I really do feel bad for you all....it's miserable through much of the country right now).
  3. I had all four of mine out at once......... I was passed out for a day, but otherwise never experienced any difficulty. My Mom kept me packed in ice. That was 33 years ago.
  4. Apparently there is a Hutterite Community up this way (north central MN) and I've heard a few things about them..... none of which has been very good. I haven't watched the show either...but might at some time.
  5. I guess it is against the law to donate money to the Fire Department's "Fill the Boot" campaign, also.
  6. In my small town up here in MN they are putting sidewalks back in. Some kind of initiative to help kids walking to and from school..... yes, they still do that here. I can't wait for the sidewalk to go in front of my house, past the schools, and on to the town center. <2 miles I really need to get my fat tookus out and walking and would rather do it safely.
  7. She's beautiful! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.
  8. Woohoo! Congratulations!
  9. I had all three at home...the last one just after turning 39. I told jokes, funny stories, naughty tales...I like everyone to feel comfortable around me, so that's what I tried to do. We had a blast! ...with some pain and cussing thrown in for good measure. You'll do fine!
  10. We've lived up here for almost 4 years now, and I'll just say this........ It is a different world up here, very, very, different! Particularly in the very rural farming communities. ....and now for the Rest of the Story... MN Firefighters Decked out in dresses for a parade fight fire....
  11. I won't get to spring cleaning until April or May.... 30*F with a 25mph wind today. I can't wait to open the windows again....just in time for the herds of mosquitoes. We don't have the pollen problem but the skeeters are vicious.
  12. There's a hunting season for them up here. I haven't tasted one yet...but I might.
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