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  1. Gone on long enough. I'm closing this one before we all get fired. CLOSED!
  2. I don't think and invitation is of any importance. She just kinda shows up and they all start panting like the dogs they are!
  3. It's called an education and you're about to get schooled. ROFL!
  4. Sheessssh. This is not going to be good. What are you all doing? This ought to be good.
  5. Say it again! Getting it from Andy when he is ticked is not fun. Not going to do that again. this needs to be in the hidden forum.
  6. Geez Almighty. You've lost your ever loving mind. What the heck?
  7. Is this political? Not really. It can be but if everybody talks about the essence of the article it is about issues and not politics. We have decided to leave this one in the café for now. I'm sure it won't stay this way for long.
  8. First time in a while for me. Mayberry delight tonight.
  9. Let's keep on topic please. If some of you want to start a religious debate on the matter a seperate topic has been started in the religious forum.
  10. OK people move along, nothing more to see here.
  11. We are just keeping the topic out of the tonk.
  12. I've been listening to Rush today, also.
  13. Your topic just about got moved to the political forum.
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