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  1. Guarantee there is another woman involved, he wants to leave wife but doesn't want to pay child support. Oh wait, was there another child?
  2. I am looking for someone that does private swimming lessons for an adult. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Yes I had either the stomach bug or food poisoning. It hit me really suddenly. One minute I was fine then I felt tired and laid down and bam. Headache, achiness all over, even hurt just to the touch, chills, stomach ache, extreme fatigue and weakness, then the diarrhea started. Diarrhea went away in a day. But the achiness and fatigue lingered on for 3 to 4 days. Today is the first day I have felt like getting up.
  4. we had problems with them for years, then last year after having enough we hired an exterminator to come out and spray, he comes every 3 months. Since they started spraying we have not seen one. The best thing we have ever done. I was never bitten, but my husband was and he screamed like a little girl, it literally brought him to his knees, he said the pain was absolutely awful. I have no idea what spray they use, but it works.
  5. Who makes pretty prom corsages in Paulding? Thanks.
  6. Just saw that West Ridge Church will be a shelter.
  7. Well I just got a call stating they are closed tomorrow!!
  8. For Real........... even with all that make up on she is FUGLY!!!!
  9. The hillbillies must have decided to stay home or didnt have anyone graduating that day, because I have seen my share of them acting a fool at graduation as well. Well the lighter colored ones must have decided to stay home for that graduation. Because I have seen my share of them acting like nuts at graduations as well. So I guess it's safe to say that tacky comes in all colors. Just go to any Paulding County graduation!!!!
  10. Was just channel surfing and guess who is on Dr. Drew's Life Changers... Yes. Little Honey Boo Boo Chile and Big Honey Boo Boo Chile. Oh Lord, she is doing her Daisy Duke routine.... Jesus take the wheel. Now why in the hell does she have that girl parading across the stage with her butt crack showing and doing the booty dance. Thank you Dr. Drew for getting on Moma's butt about what they are feeding that girl....
  11. If you're referring to what I said, I meant the behavior is not cute, the way the mom was laughging and grinning when she was misbehaving,and talking about her being kicked out of 4 daycares, she was acting like she was proud of it, that wasnt cute. I have no idea if the child is cute or not, with all the make up and hair. How can you really tell if anyone is cute? I've seena alot of cute and beautiful people.... until they take their make up off!!!!! just sayin.....
  12. I think most of the response was directed at the behavior and conduct of the parents. Bella's daddy was chasing and harrassing a woman that had told him not to follow her and he continued to do so still. Secondly Bella's momaa was laughing and smiling as she proceeds to tell the story of how her daughter has been kicked out of 4 different daycares, and think it's cute when Bella misbehaves. And the Honey boo boo chile clan, well if you can't see how dysfunctional that group is then something is wrong with you. Im sure all pageant families do not act like this, Lord im praying they don't. But a
  13. And he better be glad her husband or man or whatever wasnt there. Because if a man chased me around like that and talking to me in that manner , my husband would have opened up a can of whip ass on him.
  14. I agree not cute at all, momma was cheesing and grinning the whole entire time. Who laughs aobut their child getting kicked out of 4 day cares? That's not funny Honey Boo Boo Chile!!!
  15. Enough already. Give me this chicks name, I am an excellent detective... LOL!!!!
  16. I just had to come back and get another good laugh. Toooo dog gone funny. Honey boo boo chile!!!! Were they on the Ellen show?
  17. LMAO!!! This is just toooooo much!! What is that saying, you can put lipstick on a pig........ and im not talking about lil honey boo boo chile, im talking about BIGGGGG honey boo boo chile!!!
  18. I didnt fill out anything, never had to do this before and im not starting now. And it looks like this doesnt go iinto effect until Oct 1. If signed by the governor, the section referring to Internet sales tax would take effect Oct. 1.
  19. Well I just did my tax free shopping Online. Just need to get school supplies and im finished. That was easy!!!!
  20. LMBO, I said the same thing!! I don't watch it either, but saw the commercial advertising the show. They are a HAM(Hot Ass Mess)!!!!! LOL.
  21. I just looked at it and that is odd they are all for sexual crimes. I have looked at Pauldings before and they had other offenses. If I recall correctly I believe a few of the EPHS vandals were on there. That's weird. Maybe they just list those offenses now. But those are some creepy looking MOFO's on there. uggggggggh creeps me out!!
  22. Oh I know you werent referring to her, but I was just sayin..... well I shouldnt have said that but..... anyway I guess they look at other factors besides looks in these pageants.
  23. Not trying to be ugly but honey boo boo chile is no cutie pie, they must put lots of make up on her. And I almost died when I saw the commercial, when one of the daughters said , "we are not rednecks, we have all our teeth" Haaaa Haaaa Haaaa.
  24. No, not just for child molestation. I have seen other offenses on there as well. I too was looking for a former classmate of my son's who he was in middle school with, who murdered his girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. Just never know how these kids will turn out. And I found his mugshot and offense on that website. But it was not Paulding...
  25. Okay thank you... Why in the bleep are they having it after school has started. Uggghhhhh. Or is it just Paulding is the only district starting so dang early......
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