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  1. I see you didn't bother to improve your reading comprehension and decided instead to make incorrect inferences from my statements. Whatever. Go back under your bridge. I remember now why I stopped spending any time on this forum. -PM
  2. For all you wonderful geniuses that are telling me I am stupid, or should get off my A$$ and go pick up my daughter, please re-read my post, and use your language skills. I clearly said in my post that the school was telling the children that the roads were passable, and that parents can get to the school. My point was that IF the main roads are passable, it would make more sense to send a bus to the main entrances of subdivisions. If the main roads are NOT passable, then of course I want her to stay at the school where it is safe and warm. If you think I want her in a bus on unsafe roads, you are an idiot. I CANNOT drive out of my subdivision. It is solid ice. If I could, I would. If I had someone close by, I would have them help. If I could walk that far, I would. Don't assume that I'm not doing everything I freakin' can to get my kid. I simply can't get there, and it was killing me. Now I know the Sheriff's office is there getting the kids out, so hopefully it will be okay. Now you trolls can go back to your caves. And while you are there, work on your reading comprehension. -PM
  3. My daughter is one of the students stuck at N. Paulding HS, and she texted to tell us that the school is telling them that they aren't even going to run buses today to get them home. If the parents can't get them, they are stuck. WTH? If the main roads get treated, the buses could at least get the kids to subdivision entrances. Most of the subdivisions are iced in, as ours is, so parents can't get out. But the buses could get them to within walking distance. This is ridiculous. -PM
  4. So far, we have seen the shooting in CT blamed on the following: Assault weapons Failed mental healthcare in the country Lack of security in schools Moral degradation of society in general Violent influences of media And probably a few others I am missing. But how about this as a possibility? There are just some screwed up people in this world, and they have the capacity to use WHATEVER they can to inflict the most casualties in order to fulfill their deranged desires. If that is the problem, there really isn't a dang thing we can do to stop it. It's not like it is an epidemic. Statistically speaking the odds of someone going postal and killing a bunch of people is virtually nil, but it happens. -And spending ninety bazillion dollars on healthcare won't fix it, because there will still be some that can hide it until they snap. -Taking away every gun in the world won't fix it, because they will build a bomb, or use a chainsaw, or poison gas, or something else. -Sanitizing all media won't fix it, because violent tv, video games, and internet doesn't make someone nuts. -Fixing societies morals won't do it, because morality is based in reality, and crazy people don't live there. There are some things we as a society can't do. And completely eliminating crazy people is one of them. -PM
  5. Lighten up, Francis... -PM
  6. To be honest, I didn't go up high enough to see his post. But figured why not give ya a little tweak since you asked? -PM
  7. Yeah, that contributes to rational discussion. Way to keep it intelligent. -PM
  8. Fortunately, our rights and freedoms are not determined by only what we "require", because that would then mean the government has to decide what it is we "require" in order to be free, and I don't think any of us wants that. -PM
  9. There are obviously some medical conditions that can cause or contribute to significant weight gain, but I think it is disingenuous to take the stance that people should be "sensitive" to fat people in general. Being fat is not a "medical condition", it is a result of choices. As someone that was morbidly obese for a time, I know what it is like to have your life ruled by food, but I also know that it is a product of the lifestyle choices we make, and the general lack of willpower by most Americans when it comes to changing your life. If she had a medical condition that led to this, I feel for her. If she ate too dang much year after year, its her own fault. Nobody elses. If you make the choice to be fat, you live (or die) with the consequences. -PM
  10. How many of your courses discussed how easy it is to manipulate polls, both in the creation phase, as well as the interpretation phase? I took several of the same types of courses when obtaining my poli sci degree, and poll/survey manipulation was a common concern. -PM
  11. I'm with you 100% on the importance of the economy and the policies needed to fix it, but you are wrong with the above statement. Those things are exactly what kept Romney from winning the white house, along with the GOP stance on illegal immigrants. -PM
  12. I am still a Republican by necessity until a 3rd party (Libertarian) candidate becomes viable. But I will say that unless the Republican party as a whole steps back from some of their more divisive and asinine social stances such as gay marriage, aboortzion, and handling the multitudes of illegals already in this country, we may not win another election for awhile. Conservative Republican values regarding the economy and the free market will beat Democratic government solutions every time. But by alienating all gays, hispanics, and women, there is no chance. Allowing two gay people to marry hurts NOBODY. Taking an all or nothing stance against aboortzion, when you know it will require a Constitutional Amendment is unrealistic, and has no hope of happening. Deporting 20 million people can't happen, so we need to come up with some plan to get rid of those that are drains on society, and allow those that contribute some path to stay and keep contributing. I don't have the answers, but I sure as hell know that those three party ideologies are what kept Romney out of the White House whether they were his specific stance or not. If we don't learn from the mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them. -PM
  13. You were ok, except for this part. We don't need government to be our nannies. Let adults make decisions for themselves. -PM
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