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  1. I've been several times. Always good. I think they are trying to be "upscale" as someone said--I would say maybe they are trying to be a stand out or something just a bit different. Those who love Mexican food--they have all the basics--they have a few menu items that I think are a step above the basic. I'm glad to have something affordable around the corner. If you like Mexican, then I think you'll like them. Just my opinion.
  2. If so many went up and it is unusual--then there must be a problem. Ours went up too.
  3. Keep Voting!!!!! Get all your friends to vote now!!! Time runs out soon--and the 2nd place house is catching up!!!! Thanks!!!
  4. We need everyone to get their vote on this morning! The 2nd place house is catching up and the contest ends today!!!! Here is the link and we're in the lead but the house in Rhode Island is catching up. we need everybody to go to http://deckthehouse.patch.com/entry/1082785 and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!e link: Just takes a mintue!!!!!
  5. We saw them also on the news today--you would think that would get them ahead--I think today, people were obviously occupied with other stuff--we all need to gear up again and keep reminding our friends and family! Only a few days to go!!!!!
  6. Currently holding a lead---keep spreading the word---don't want to loose---thanks to everyone and Merry Christmas!
  7. Voted today with my families 3 emails--it only takes a minute and is so easy--keep spreading the word to all your friends and family-Why not support our schools-----Get your vote on!!!!
  8. You don't have to vote via FB--on the main page of Deckthehouse (do a web search)--it says you can either vote via FB or sign up--register--any valid email address will let you do this--so for those of you that have multiply ways---get your vote on!!! Our school system could use this!!!
  9. stupid people! Leave it white oak-------
  10. Dropped off in Acworth today! thanks for all the great help!
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've heard and read all the bad stuff and thats why I just wanted to do my part in helping the environment! You guys have given me some great places to look into. The cobb one--is probably the one--since I've gotten in done by this weekend. I wish everyone would do the right thing. I've stopped using any chemicals in my yard too. If you look at history of my yard alone--bees have made a decline--it all comes back to the stuff we put in our yards, and water supply.
  12. I apparently answered that wrong--wrong button--Thanks for the chuckle---and thanks for the valuable info. Will check into that for Sat.!!!
  13. From time to time you see things in the news about where to take medicine for proper disposal. I've just got through cleaning out the cabinet and have mostly over the counter stuff but some prescription stuff too that I just don't feel right about thowing in garbage. Even without packaging--I don't want to hurt anything or anyone in the landfill. Who do I contact to dispose of properly? Thanks Pcom world for advice!
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