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  1. Thanks so much for your comments and thank you for the opportunity to work with you.
  2. for allowing me the opportunity to design and build your website. Check out her new website... VanaDorr Designs
  3. It includes a basic layout. Your very welcome.
  4. For just $45 dollars you can order 1000 business cards, printed full color front and/or back, UV coating on 14pt card stock. Shipping is included! Even if you do not currently have a design. You can even add a new 2D barcode to your business card to help distribute your contact information. Just scan the barcode with any smartphone or other electronic device. PM me for more information.
  5. Well yes, considering you can't have the email unless you have the domain. Also multiple accounts.
  6. It is inexpensive, I only charge $20.
  7. HEY!!! The last piece of bacon is worth fighting for...
  8. What does the rest of your roof look like?
  9. How many members do you have? How large do the photographs have to be to enter?
  10. Maybe we should also have auto insurance for people who's premiums are too high because they are horrible drivers and wreck their cars...that way they can still drive and work and be productive...
  11. Ah dang, sorry about that, went on my little episode for nothing. But I don't like the bert show anyway. Love the oldies...
  12. I'm not having issues getting the website to display. And 106.7, if that is the station with the Bert show, LOL. I wouldn't take what they said to the bank if they told me the sky was blue. Talk about spinning stuff they way they want it to sound. I do like Melissa though, I think that's her name.
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