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  1. I am 18 weeks today - Due April 13th 2010. This is our first and we are very excited. At our 16 week ultrasound the umbilical cord was between its legs so we didn't get to find out what it was. We don't have a 20 week ultrasound so we won't know what we are having until 24 weeks on Dec. 22nd. (that is as long as it will show us, lol) I have felt a couple flutters but I am wondering when I will really be able to start feeling it move around. It would make me rest so much easier, especially since we don't have another ultrasound for 6 weeks.
  2. There are cop all over a vacant house in our neighborhood. I tried to go to scan paulding and see if I could hear anything on the scanner but that site seems to be down. Anyone hear what's going on?
  3. I went to school with Brody's mom Kristi and even though I never got to meet this little guy, I understand he was an amazing inspiration and my heart goes out to the family!
  4. Prayers said - and I have posted this on my facebook pages and asked my friends to repost as well!
  5. I just heard on Fox 5 news they said "Overturned vehicle at Florence and CH James Parkway" Cobb County Maybe this is what the issue is.
  6. For those of you who saw the helicopters? What kind were they? Police/News/Private? Any ideas?
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