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  1. I sure hope that his car isn't outside!
  2. White Oak Park. On Hwy. 61 Just past Paulding High School. Turn at Mustang Drive it will be on your right. Free Catch and realese. Three ponds to choose from. Brim and some small Bass. Have Fun!
  3. I concur Olive Tree is fantastic and resonablly priced. It has become one of my favorite restraunts!
  4. Been awhile since I had a Mayberry!!
  5. If the WEATHER,(IS NOT TOO AWFULLY COLD), I highly recomend going to Helen and tubing down the river. It takes a couple of hours, is not expensive, the fall colors are out and beautiful and best of all it is October which means OCTOBERFEST for the adults in the party!
  6. Check with some of the Athletic Parks for kids. They are usually always looking for free help. Picking up trash, cleaming etc.
  7. HOBO STEW: Easy to make and tastes great. Baked Beans, Large Can, 1 Onion Diced, I can Of SPAM (or other meat) Bring to boil and chow down.
  8. Go to Paulding Count School District Web Site, select the school, it should be posted on thier site.
  9. Lic-um -aid and the candy dot's on the reciept paper.
  10. Pants on the ground. Pull the darn thing up!!
  11. Congratulations!! Your son and I will share a birthday 5/25/??
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