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  1. Hope they can get it under control....we have been watching it for a while. I think they would have to drop water on it at this point.
  2. What did the man do...and do you have any other details? Yes I don't hear the helicopter anymore.
  3. Well I hope they find who they're looking for soon....its making me nervous.
  4. Does anyone know whats going on on Buchanan hwy before the bridge and past lane rd. Helicopter several police?
  5. You will love Charlotte....I grew up there all my family still lives there....Carmel Rd, SouthPark Area. It is cleaner, not as congested as Atlanta. Now has a new beltway 485 that does help getting around. The cost of living is higher in the city limits....property taxes are outrageous in the city of Charlotte, keep this in mind. Also if its only a 4.5 hour trip back to Ga to visit. I drive it all the time and its not bad. Best of Luck !!!!
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