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  1. Channel 2 News Reported that it was a MALE found SHOT near the front porch of the home. House apears to be up on the hill near the railroad tracks in Dallas. ( :closedeyes: Directions: If you are coming FROM Dallas Elementary, pass the bus barn & 61 ramp, continue under the RR Bridge, there is a billboard on the hill to your RIGHT, house appears to be behind that blank billboard going toward the RR Tracks & away from the Road) The Driveway is a long winding dirt driveway across from the store, past the merge in from the by-pass. Best I can remember, the driveway "usually" had a chain with a No Trespassing Sign across it. From the helicopter video shown on Channel 2 at Noon, it looked like a body lying in the main part of the driveway, directly in front of the house. However, later in the newscast it showed the deputy's blocking a spot to the right of the front porch. There also appears to be a lot of debris right near the house.


    One other note: A family member of mine lives near the RR Tracks near First Baptist Church in the middle of Dallas. Last night, the traffic flow on the back roads was VERY heavy! Unusually HEAVY! Possibly something happened last night that lead to this morning. Because as isolated as this house appears to be, it was not stumbled upon by accident!


    I'll post more if I hear ANYTHING!



  2. This was on Channel 2 (WSBTV.com) news at noon today. They don't know if it was a male or a female. $500 reward for information, call Hiram Police Department. Also, the car was a black or dark blue import type car with the rear driver's side window knocked out and sealed with saran wrap type material and tape! The voice was on the new clipping too. Could've been male or a female just talking in a low tone. They kept tugging at the top mid-section of their clothing.
  3. I have a family member that was RAPED within the past year! I think regardless of the law in Mexico, an AMERICAN who upholds the laws of the American public and their Government should NOT be punished in ANY WAY for getting "SCUM" off our streets! He was not even treated with the same respect that he treats his own captures!


    There is a list of email addresses on the www.aetv.com website that you can email to complain about this miscarriage of justice. I already did that over the weekend. Story has it that he is in the works to be "traded" for a major drug kingpin from Mexico!


    I definitely feel that the American Government's time is better spent fighting terrorist activity as well as Illegal Immigrants! Instead of taking Dog back to Mexico, why can't they take some of the Illegal Aliens from this country? Oh wait, then THEY (in Mexico) wouldn't be getting the public in America angry! I do NOT think that "Dog" would've, in any way, planned his own arrest to get "show publicity" and for anyone to think so is STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!


    If you're that STUPID........get a LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  4. We just went and filled up for $3.19 a gallon.  My husband's uncle was found

    dead this morning so we will be going to Alabama tomorrow or Friday for the

    funeral.  His electricity had gone out because of the storm and he was on

    oxygen.  His wife found him this morning on the porch.  I hate to think what

    he went through before he died.  Please keep the family in your prayers.


    If we get to Alabama and can't get gas to come home, who's coming after us?


    My Uncle died last December of Lung Cancer and his 51st Birthday would've been today (August 31st). Also, my Dad is on an Oxygen tank & has emphysema! I will be praying for you. It saddens me to think of what all he went through near the end. Always remember him for the beautiful person that he was. Love & Memories will NEVER DIE!


    Thinking of You & Yours!



    The Shell Station at the corner of Marietta Hwy. 120 & Hwy. 92 is OUT OF GAS TOTALLY NOW!!!!! They WILL have gas again during the night tonight sometime, a delivery is on its' way to them as of now. They are unsure when the next delivery will be though since most of their suppliers are OUT!!!!!!!!!!! I found the cheapest gas today at $2.72/gal at the lil' full service station across from Wellstar Paulding Hospital around 4pm. I also purchased 5 additional gas cans & filled them up as well. They are now in my garage with a total of 10+ gal!!!!! I am not one who has to travel back and forth to a job, and Hubby is currently unemployed, so I am thankful that we don't HAVE to have as much as we usually would to travel. We just took a family trip last weekend too!!!


    Also, there is an article on the Paulding County Schools website about the bus situation regarding the gas and all.


    On another note, they are CLOSING the Rhodes Furniture Warehouse in Powder Springs sometime soon!!!! Rhodes has been bought out by Rooms to Go & the Going Out Of Business Sale starts on Sept. 2nd!!!!!!! All of those people will be out of a job!


    Stay Well!!! Stay Fueled!

  6. Sorry, I didn't know it would offend anyone!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't meant that way. Did you even read the first part????? What about sympathy for a wife without her husband on their anniversary???? She is a VERY good friend of mine & our kids have grown up together! I figured MAYBE someone on here would CARE about that date being important to her & the family! I edited the "real estate" message out, happy now??? I just thought people might like to know a bit of history about where he lived and how he lived. Also, it's not even my listing! It wasn't a "Sales Pitch" so please don't take it in a way it wasn't meant!

  7. I am PROUD to say that I have NEVER TRIED AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE IN MY LIFE!!! I remember being with a bunch of 16yr olds that went to McEachern back about 2 years ago. It was at "Sweet 16" Girl's Birthday party whose parents were very close friends of ours. Her parents were work-aholics & didn't talk much about "Sex & Drugs" but she babysat for me, so we developed a strong bond! I noticed that her friends were leaving the party, and when I asked her why, she said that they wanted to "smoke marijuana & drink!" These were 15/16/17 year old kids. I sat in the driveway that night alone with about 15 other kids & told them a lot of stuff that they never knew. They were soooooo floored by the fact that I had NEVER consumed or even TRIED an illegal substance! It seemed like a lot of this was part of their daily life! I was very saddened by what I heard that night. I think what I said really hit home with some of the "experimental ones" and with others, they will have to learn the hard way. At the time, I was 29, now I'm 34 and still I haven't tried anything. The most I've ever taken is what is prescribed to me by my Doctor. I am also VERY AWARE of the drug interactions, etc. Most recently, my own daughter (who is now 13) was exposed accidentally to a mild drug overdose that happened by pure accident. I hat that my child was exposed to it, but I also know now that if anyone ever offers her an illegal street drug, her mind will revert back to that night & she will refuse whatever is offered. I have never played my kids for idiots and will never do that! I believe that "honesy is the best policy" for any occassion.

    <br> <br>

    Remember, one dose of an illegal street drug has the potential to kill you. Medicines are monitored by scientists for a reason! The people making these illesgal substances are probably high themselves & could care less about your health! In their eyesm it's all about the bottom line and the money they make of you!

    <br> <br>

    In fact, if you are a teen in trouble, feel free to call me anytime to talk!





    Tammy L. Fincham

    My Webpage

  8. i am sorry to hear of your mis-fortune

    Thank you soooo much! It's been a tremendously hard two weeks! By the way, if you are the one who called me & wanted to do a "sound bite" on the robberies with my Mother, call me back again because I had severe cell phone problems the past two weeks & I just received your message yesterday! My cell is 770-722-9859 & my home is 770-443-5189.


    Thanks again!


    Tammy Fincham

  9. The  Heartwalk "Event" on July 27 is the Red Cap Golf Tournament at Creekside. $55 per player including lunch and a chance at some good prizes [dinners for 2, merchandise, etc.]. We are looking for teams of 2 and are billing this as a Father-Son event, but it is open to all.


    We will also be looking for "Hole Sponsors", at $100 per sign [and we will provide the sign].


    I will post some more information as it becomes available about Rick Stiener and any other wrestlers or celebrities who will be available.

    Help us wrestle heart disease !


  10. Thanks for all the insight!!!!!!! Mother works ALONE on her 10om to 6am shift!!! i HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GO SIT WITH HER AS MUCH AS I CAN. The boss told her to only let people in that she felt comfortable with. So remember, if you go to a store late at night and the doors are locked with a sign that asks you to "knock for safety" it's not you just the rise of crime in the area. Also, please pre-pay if at all posssible after 10pm at night. I know it's a pain, I hated to do that either until my mother started this job! All of the men & women that hold down the business at these places overnight while we are sleeping really have A LOT MORE to worry about that the average 9-5'er! I am tryng to get her a job as our Real Estate Assistant so I don't have to worry about her sooooo much at night! If you hear ANY MORE INFO, please let me know! I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT! I haven't heard about the "Wal-Mart" guy but mother was told that he was a white guy, about 5ft 4in tall. Also, regarding the Eckerd's, they had just recently got the upper level narcotics like - Percocet 10/650, Oxycontin 40/80mg, etc. in the store. I know because my husband had a worker's compensation injury and has to be on serious painkillers for a scheduled amount of time. I am now like a walking pharmicist! I could WORK at a drugstore! Unfortunately!!!! I watch all the interactions really well. I had noticed the sign at Eckerd's a couple of days ago & I wondered about that too!!! They JUST GOT DONE BUILDING that place!!!! Wonder what'll happen now??? If you hear any more on ANY of these items, email me! I'm interested to hear. By the way, it's NOT ON THE NEWS AT ALL!!!! Seems like they could warn us, huh??? Oh well, thank God we can all chat here on Pcom to keep up with items important to the county.


    Thanks again VERY MUCH!!!!!


    Tammy Fincham

    Keller Williams Realty

    770-874-5333 x372


    email: Tammy@Gatorteam.com

  11. My Mother works overnight at a 24-hour store here in Paulding County. She asked me to check on Paulding.com, cause there's nothing on the news, to see if this really happened. She was told by a clerk that works at the "Sav-a-ton" across from Ingle's that Sav-a-ton got robbed on Sunday night, the "BP" across from Charles Hardy Chevrolet was robbed on Monday night and a "Chevron" on Hwy. 92 was robbed on Wednesday night!!! The clerk described him as a 5ft4in white male, scruffy-looking with large hands. If this is true, that means 3 stores were robbed in Paulding County in a 4 day time period!!!


    PLEASE.........let me know if you hear of anything! My mother works at a store really near these areas from 10pm til 6am. If you know anything, post it here and also email me ASAP!!!!



    Thanks much!


    Tammy L. Fincham

    Keller Williams Realty Across Atlanta

    email: gatorfincham@earthlink.net

    My Webpage :wacko:

  12. Rick Steiner will be signing autographs and doing meet/greet at some of the events since he was a good friend of Ray's. For sure, he is scheduled to be at the July 27th event.


    Tammy Fincham

    Keller Williams Realty Across Atlanta





  13. I have a Ray Traylor Memorial Page on my website. Click here to view it:


    Ray Traylor Memorial Page


    Also, a former wrestler/close friend of his is now my Realtor Partner. His name is Rick Steiner and he wrestled in the WWF/WCW with his brother Scott Steiner. They both live in Acworth now.


    Rick Steiner is VERY involved in local charities and children's activities just like Ray was. We are doing a charitable Motorcycle Ride on August 20th, 2005 with a police escort from Woodstock to Elijay up I-575. Also, there will be a concert with Mark Wills and T. Graham Brown for all to enjoy up around Lake Allatoona. Email or call me for more details. We are still looking for sponsors as well.


    Thanks much :wub: !


    Tammy L. Fincham

    Keller Williams Realty

    770-443-5189 Home

    770-722-9859 Cell

  14. I don't know about a good custom's dessert place in the county right off hand, but my Mother used to be a Pastry Chef for Gov. Barnes for the State of Georgia. She no longer works for the State, she works elsewhere in Paulding. However, she makes the BEST POUND CAKE & CUSTOM DESSERTS that you'll find anywhere. Usually around Christmas, she is baking for 4-5 days straight with personal custom orders. She also won the Georgia Egg Commision's recipe contest in 1995. She makes an awesome Banana Pudding Cake that has Banana's in the Cake Layers, Banana Pudding Filling between the layers and a Meringue Lightly Browned Frosting all over the top & sides.


    If you're looking for a "4th of July" something, say for a family get together......Ray Traylor, The Big Bossman (he passed away on Sept. 22nd last year) had a favorite of hers for the 4th!!!! It was a yellow sheet cake, with homewade whipped topping, Blueberries and Strawberries in the shape of an American Flag!!! Ray ordered this for July 4th last year and about 3 other times during the year. It is a Full Sheet size cake, but it works great for picnics, etc. She can also make Chocolate Cake, Cupcakes with Homemade Frosting, Chocolate Pound Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Coconut Pies, etc.


    Just give her a call and tell her that you saw her daughter's listing on Paulding.com. She only has a Cell Phone and that number is 770-314-5888. Her name is Linda Donaldson and she lives in the City Limits of Dallas. She works nights during the week, so try to reach her on the weekend (Sat/Sun) or at nights from like 4-9pm. for you if possible. Just call early if you need an order for the 4th because she works that evening. She can provide references if necessary & might work our delivery Thanks!!!!!


    Tammy L. Fincham

    Keller Williams Realty Across Atlanta

    770-722-9859 Cell

  15. Funeral Arrangements for Ray Traylor:


    Friday, September 24th, 2004

    Visitation @ Eberhart's Funeral Home

    Dallas, GA

    5:00 pm to 9:00 pm


    Saturday, September 25th, 2004

    Viewing from 10:00 am to 11:00 am

    Funeral Services begin at 11:00 am

    @ Pickett's Mill Baptist Church

    located on Hwy. 92 in Dallas, GA<

    Burial to follow at Dallas Memorial Gardens




  16. IN MEMORY OF RAY TRAYLOR - "The Big Boss Man"


    (Photo: Ray Traylor, middle, with R to L Cole Fincham, Megan Traylor, Parker Cole, Chelsea Aiello, Lacy Traylor, Danielle Fincham and MacKenzie Cole taken on December 20th, 2002)


    You did a lot for our children, our city, our county, our country & you will be deeply missed! We all loved you & will continue to pray for Angela, Lacy & Megan during this difficult time.


    Ray "Big Boss Man" Traylor passed away of a massive heartattack on September 22nd, 2004 around 9:00pm at his home in Paulding County. Ray Traylor, who was most famous as The Big Boss Man in the WWF / WWE, will be missed personally & professionally. He was only 42 years old. Local authorities were called to his home Wednesday evening and were unable to revive him. His Mother had passed away a little over a month ago too.


    Ray had been living in Paulding County, GA in the Bentwater Subdivision near Acworth. Recently, Ray had ran for political office as Commision Chairman for Paulding County in July 2004 and had organized/attended a public memorial ceremony on September 11th, 2001 & 2004 for the victims of 9/11. Even as recently as yesterday, he was filming a commercial for a hunting business & life seemed very normal.


    Ray's wrestling career began after actually working as a correctional officer at the Cobb County Correctional Institute. He began wrestling for the NWA under the names The War Machine and Big Bubba Rogers back in 1986. However, in 1988 he moved on to the WWF. And it was at that time where Traylor made famous the character The Big Boss Man. He wrestled mostly as a singles wrestler, but was part of the infamous tag team as 1/2 of the Twin Towers with his partner Akeem, and their manager "The Doctor Of Style" Slick.


    He left the WWF around 1995 and wrestled for All Japan Pro Wrestling for a short stint before wrestling for WCW. He wrestled under different names in WCW; as Big Bubba, The Boss, The Man, The Guardian Angel before wrestling under his real name Ray Traylor. He returned to the WWF / WWE in the late 90's. He wrestled for a few more years, then was a trainer for Ohio Valley Wrestling before leaving in 2002/2003.


    If you would like to help out the Traylor Family, Ray owned RWT Enterprises in Dallas and their office can be reached by calling 770-445-9029. Anthony DeBlasi who is the Wrestling-News.com Webmaster contributed to this article.


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