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  1. Thank You for everyone who has come out to see our display, If you have not made it out yet here is a track that was featured on Wsbtv.com! http://www.wsbtv.com/news/entertainment/12-days-christmas-lights/njSCX/ Merry Christmas! Atkinson Family Christmas Lights
  2. View a map at our Facebook page here .. https://www.facebook.com/#!/atkinson.christmaslights
  3. After a year off the Atkinson Christmas Light display is back. 10,000 lights programed to music with this years theme The Polar Express! The adress is 18 Riverwood Landing Dallas Ga 30157 (Riverwood is off East Paulding across from Ace Hardware) The show runs now till New Years from 5:30 - 11:00, Stop by turn your radio to 99.1 fm and enjoy the show and most of all Merry Christmas!! Here is a peek of this years Show...http://youtu.be/MPUTH2bdy10
  4. It was a Military Helicoptor over the Airport, I saw a bunch of parachutes must have been a training excercise.
  5. We entered a Christmas Light Contest and if we are picked as the overall winner, they will donate $100,000 to Paulding County Schools!!!! Please vote for the Atkinson Family Christmas Lights!!!! http://deckthehouse.patch.com/entry/229947?=f2l0xb
  6. I wish my power bill only went up $5!!!!! That would be nice...
  7. 18 Riverwood Landing Dallas Ga 30157 Hope you enjoy the display!!!! THe Atkinsons Here is a video of one of the songs.. There is 3 songs and 2 small cuts from the Grizwalds Christmas Vacation about 10 minutes all together...
  8. Thanks LPPT for the map!!! We have seen a bunch of people come out and enjoy the display.. Hope you make it out this year!!!!
  9. Last year we actually had more lights but we had to be at home to cut them on.. This year we have everything on timers, so weather permitting they will start at 6pm each night.. I decided to put everything to music after seeing the Felix Lights, We just hope when people see the display and hear all the Christmas music they really get the Holiday Spirit!!!!
  10. The Oliver Place Display is actually our friends the Felix Family Lights, we are down the street. .. Riverwood is across the street from Ace Hardware and Dollar General on East Paulding Drive the entrance is called Riverwood Drive you will go straight through 2 stop signs the first on is with Riverwood Way and the second is with Riverwood Glenn. You will follow Riverwood Drive a few hundred feet after the second stop sign and make a right just before the dead end this is Riverwood Pass, then make your first right on Cottage Walk (You will see a sign for the Light Display). We are the third cul-de-sac on the right. (Its alot of Riverwoods I know!!!!) The address is 18 Riverwood Landing, Dallas Ga 30157. We hope you enjoy!!! Merry Christmas The Atkinsons
  11. The Atkinson Family Christmas Lights are now running!!! 10,000 lights on 52 channels to music!!! The show is 9 minutes long and the theme is Grizwald Christmas Vacation. The show runs 6-10 pm Mon-Thur and 6-11 Fri & Sat. Riverwood is located on East Paulding across from Ace Hardware. There is also an entrance off Bobo rd. The Cottage section is all the way in the back of the developed part of the neighborhood. When you pull in the culdasac dim your lights, put your FM station on 99.1 and enjoy the show!!!! To view one of the songs please go to the below link! Merry Christmas!!! The Atkinsons
  12. I was at the Anytime Fitness next to Wal-Mart in Rockmart and it was pretty scary!!!!
  13. Hey, Marc We own the Anytime Fitness in Cartersville GA and we live in Dallas. Im not sure if you are ever in Cartersville but with a membership at one of the Anytime Fitness's you can use all 1,500 locations nation wide including the one off Cedarcrest rd, and if you are intrested mabey a barter for some detailing? :) Thanks, Adam & Michelle
  14. As a resident of Paulding and a business owner in Bartow Im excited about the jobs this project could create!!
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