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  1. no just have a teen age daughter Single mom and her just trying to help them out Thanks for any help
  2. Who can they contact? They live in Polk if that makes a difference :
  3. My teenage daughter is in a law class in high school How much does court transcripts cost at the court house per page it is a old case back in 84
  4. My daughter and I are going for the weekend to Chattanooga Tn any places you recommend needs a pool LOL but kinda close to downtown that is not expensive close to river would be nice Suggestions please
  5. so true we live right at it ..nice show but the noise gets old
  6. Maybe put up a sign at the stop signs stating found pup please identify ? It might work Im sure whomever lost the pup probally thinks it got stolen or worse something hurt it being its so young and may have not bothered looking ..
  7. Take it walmart on 120 they have the little kiosk where you send it off . (fill out envelope drop in drop box)
  8. A friend on my facebook posted she was at Merchants Drive/Business 6 getting a ice cream and couldn't get cause McDonalds was on fire
  9. Im looking for some working or non working Im doing a project Thank you..
  10. Its going to be a auto parts store Oreilly's the surveyors told me
  11. Thanks everyone but with the storm we had today I just said I would wait
  12. I need a sign made to advertise my photography business and I need it today if possible not a large sign but one that can be put outside on those little stakes (kinda like those you see on side of road).Any help would be appreciated Thank you
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