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  1. Yes, because remember … we are all entitled to the things we want but cannot afford. It's a basic human right. Wait, isn't that how we all just got here? Good job once again, hard-working generation. And let the cycle continue ...
  2. It's all sad. It's about an entitled generation that a hard-working generation has created. A generation that struggled didn't want their kids to struggle so they did so much for them … too much. The youth of today have an ugly, entitled spirit. The world owes them some instant gratification . The mentality that they DESERVE anything they want or they will just take it from the hand of someone who also wanted a quick and easy entitled amount of cash in pocket … easy money … they all thought they deserved something that they did not. What ever happened to instilling the attitude of workin
  3. Probably true, but there's more to it than that. This is so sick. THese people have no conscience and are sociopaths. It's something you wouldn't understand if you DO have a conscience. It won't make any sense. Don't try to make sense of it. THere is no sense. Just be so glad that you have a reason to live and the ability to have real relationships, unlike these people.
  4. I really believe there will not be any jail time nor consequences at all. That seems to be the theme. I think all the threats are just blowing of smoke that will not be upheld in the end, even though they should. For whatever reason, there is just a huge (and I mean HUGE) entitlement complex going on. Sad, but predictable outcome of this race. You are too funny!
  5. You're right. I apologize for being a dumba$$, as you say. It was a bit harsh. But at the time, I thought I was doing well to refrain from using the words "trailer trash". I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.
  6. I do hope you are correct. Though, in previous elections, the results on this site did not depict the outcome. However there were people at that time on this site (even the knowledgeable) who inexplicably advocated for her more on here. I'm glad that you posted this simple action that people can take because most people are generally willing to take action when they believe that it even possibly can make a difference. And thank you for your efforts at the hearing.
  7. Well, just remember : All that glitters is not gold. (if indeed it glitters)
  8. I, personally, prefer "pig". No disrespect to ya'll intended. Disrespect to another fully intended. Looking atrocious (fake red hair, ridiculous getups, overweight), absolutely does not impede upon someone's ability to lead, but unethical behavior that is glutinous and self-serving (especially receiving a salary through taxpayers while owing taxes) definitely characterizes someone as a pig in my book.
  9. Simply stated, t's just something people say when they are not liking the truth they are hearing.
  10. The bigger question is: Who in their right mind would be in a tape with her? Ewwww. So ... anyone going to the NEWS with this to inform the voters of Paulding County?
  11. It is worth trying the Chobani strawberry and banana. That is good stuff.
  12. No, Yank. I just got the Nixle alert of these pix yesterday. Was it a younger girl or older lady? I was just curious who these bozo's were targeting.
  13. I just saw those too. I hope that these guys are caught. This is sick and tragic. It must've scared that girl / lady ? to death when she discovered they weren't cops after all.
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