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  1. We are self employed and we now pay $2500 per month...Our new premium would be about $800 so I would say it would work in our favor. I am not educated on all that needs to be known about this new healthcare system, but what I do know is that we are drowning in health care premiums.
  2. I stopped by the feed store that use to be Lawson's Feed and Seed......Now it is under new management by the former owner Doug....it is now called Awesome Feed, Seed and Bicycles....Really cool now you can rent bicycles to use on the Silver Comet Trail....check them out!!!
  3. Patton's off of 92 by macland road...that is his specialty!!
  4. potato mayo mustard sweet pickle relish 1/2 packet of Italian salad dressing seasoning. Best recipe I have ever made
  5. Through the well star system there is cash pay...believe it or not much cheaper then going through insurance...example my ct scan was $6,000 with my blue cross coverage...after deductible I had to pay $2500.00 out of pocket....same test cash pay not going through insurance $350.00 I kid you not...ask cost with cash pay.
  6. Picmonkey.com ....just was told about this site and I tried it and love it.
  7. My son did not start to talk until he was 3....when he started kindergarten even after being in preschool it was decided he needed special help, which he got. By 3rd grade it seems like a light bulb went off in his head and he started to get it....by 5th grade he was in the gifted program. Fast forward he is a Georgia Tech College graduate...I did have his hearing checked just to make sure he could hear. When it was determined he could hear just fine we knew he was just doing everything at his own pace. I would go to see another doctor for sure.
  8. I did some research on side effects and it could cause jitteryness and heart racing...something to do with epeniphrine.....I have mitral prolaspe and had bought some but won't take it now...
  9. still not sharing where you purchased it??
  10. could you please share where you ordered yours from and the cost...thank you
  11. Dr. Amar Patel....Wellstar Cardiovascular.....770-424-6893....He is wonderful and does not have any of the characteristics of the usual cardiologists. Very easy to work with...I give him 2 thumbs up
  12. My suggestion is to go to a Brighton store in person and price what she wants then compare the prices to what you can get on eBay...jmo
  13. Yes I'm with you....tis the season to feel overwhelmed .....always love the end result but getting there sure is stressful....
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