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  1. I'm asking $75 OBO. There is some surface rust in places, but will sand off easy and hasn't compromised the structural integrity. I started to sand and paint it before posting, but that's too much work, and this way the buyer can see how topical the rust is so they'll know they're not getting a painted over rusted out box. The castors are in great shape, and drawer movement is as good as new. I'd LIKE to get $75 if I could, but you fellers can bid on it and go that route. I don't need another tool box. Lol. Too many already for me. PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ME at 678-315-8794. Thanks folks!
  2. I was told it's a solar power development, apparently offered as an alternative to customers for a higher price than regular power.
  3. Troy-Bilt Chipper/Vac in great condition. Runs great and easy to start. Self-Propelled 4 speed with reverse. Can be used as a lawn vacuum or wood chipper. 5 HP Tecumseh engine recently tuned up, rebuilt carburetor, new fuel line, oil. There are several videos you can google and/or youtube under "Troy-bilt chipper vac 47279". These are amazing lawn machines! Selling cheap due to medical emergency bills. Asking $500 OBO Call or text 678-315-8794. I will deliver within South Paulding area for FREE.
  4. I loved reading your response from A to Z. Yes, older times. And lots of insight & wisdom as well as battle zones for the pissed at heart.
  5. In fact, I know most people here would be surprised what countries play the biggest part in the manufacture of iphones. China's among the lowest recipient as they only "assemble" the completed parts which are made mostly in Germany, with several other countries equally as developed as Germany. Including us.
  6. There was a fellow on here some years back who paid cash for scrap cars. Actually, I have an abandoned one on my property that needs to be removed. A kid left it here at the start of Spring. The only thing wrong with it as far as we know is that the ECU is burning fuses, so it's probably just a shorted sensor somewhere. I don't have time to fool with it. The kid who owns it turned in the tag and told me to scrap it for whatever I could get since it sat in my front yard all year. Please call me at 678-315-8794 for details on what can be done to remove the vehicle. Thanks! Glenn/Subby
  7. Ever since they started clear cutting a large area about 150 ft from the north side of Ridge Road, close to Bethel Church Rd., I naturally assumed it was a subdivision....until yesterday. I noticed a vast array of what looks like solar panels. LOTS of them. Does anyone know what's up with that? Guard dad, this is close to your neck of the woods. Any idea?
  8. This is a terrific deal!!! This straight shaft string trimmer is in excellent condition, with rebuilt carb, new fuel lines, and a new heavy duty Stihl auto feed head. Call or text me at 678-315-8794 if you'd like a very nice trimmer for half the price of a new one!
  9. Regarding mowers, Snapper always comes to mind as being the Die Hard out of the bunch. I still service these mowers that were purchased in the 70s!! Some are on their 4th and 5th engines they last so long.
  10. Terrific condition. Very low usage hours. Recently tuned up, fresh oil, plug, filters, good battery & tires, sharpened and balanced blades. Briggs & Stratton 12.5 HP I/C Gold series engine with 6 speed manual shift transmission, 38" cutting deck. New fuel line, filter & fuel shut off valve for safe indoors storage. An excellent deal for someone who knows a thing or two about riding mowers. Engine runs like a new one, and everything is in excellent working order. $400 cash. Call 678-315-8794 (Please call!!! PM's will not be recognized in time).
  11. I dunno....someone made a comment about how the new mowers are CRAP. And they are right as rain!! You'd think that would be a good thing for me, but it's not and here's why......They have become service UNFRIENDLY!! It's taking twice the labor time than the books will tell you. I'm losing this gig just like residential engineering went down the tubes a decade ago. What's next for me? Well, if not a super amazing piano gig, then I could use some fresh linens and puffy pillows to take to the old folks home for early retirement.
  12. She is so right!! One word for the NEW crap that comes into my shop....JUNK!!! Totally disposable scrap metal. But it's hard for me to sell an older REBUILT mower because most consumers are taken in by pretty colors and shiny things.....like a bass. Lol..
  13. subby1


    Wow! Thanks yall! I had no idea this thread was here. I can remember a time when many of us threw down and had a great time on here. A time before My Space, then later, Facebook. While the latter is a terrific site, I don't think it's as community tight as pcom. The times, there a'changing. And me? Ahh...I'm just getting older. Thank you all though. It was touching to see a birthday thread on here.
  14. Hey there! I've been covered up in work, but I' m still kicking! (and playing that thar pianer!)
  15. You can always tell I'm glad to see you because my iphone 6 does NOT fit very well in my pocket.
  16. Yes!!! Wash that pollen outa here!! It's a killin me!!
  17. I've got used tires and rims that are good and less money. Call me at 678-315-8794 anytime from 10 am till 11 pm Mon-Fri..
  18. A Murray riding mower, 38" cut with 12.5 HP engine. Rebuilt carb and new fuel line. Asking $400. and.... A Honda Quatro cut, self propelled with 3 speed trans, runs like a dream. Asking $175. Please call or text me if interested. Thanks! Glenn/Subby 678-315-8794
  19. Just a head's up, folks. Business went straight through the roof this year, and I'm hopping to keep up, as well as making some policy and price changes. I'll update as soon as I'm able. I'm also looking to hire a good small engine mechanic, so keep your ears and eyes open for me. Thanks!~ Glenn/Subby
  20. Just a friendly reminder, I'm still here to help you out with your mower worries. Worry no more!! Call or text me at 678-315-8794. I encourage you all to visit my website for some changes in policy, prices, and repair time. Just to touch on a few points, I am working ALONE this year. No second mechanics and no secretary, just me. So, I'm requesting that customers TEXT me first, then I will follow up with a phone call as soon as I'm able. If you prefer to call, then please LEAVE A VOICE MAIL. I do not return recent calls unless a voice mail is left. As a one man operation, turn-around t
  21. Edited post to include PRICES!! Lol....I swear, I'm getting old way too fast! Prices shown are rock bottom, folks. I'll just break even on both items, given parts and labor time invested in both.
  22. First, the tiller: (Wanted to get $250, but will settle for $200) The engine alone was $150....yes, it's a REAL HONDA engine, not those Chinese knock-offs I'm seeing everywhere. This tiller has been modified - Old Briggs and Stratton 5 HP engine has been replaced with a much quieter and smoother running Honda GC 190 engine. No bells and whistles. Just a solid built, single gear, tiller with a sweet variable speed Honda engine. Chain driven trans. Easy to start and easy to manage in the field. Engine has fresh oil and rebuilt carburetor. Second, the Garden Tractor: $750 and include
  23. Thank you Bruce. You fellers are a blast to jam with. Love the songs you guys play and how well you all play them. I'm sure I'll be jamming with you guys a lot in the coming year. Merry Christmas to you and all the other pcommers out there!
  24. Better than I've been in a long while, Sweety! Thanks. As usual, this time of year when bizz slows down I try to diversify, but music gigs have been flooding me out this time. Nothing better than doing what you love more than anything else and getting paid to do it!! I just love your persisitence!!! But a lot of people are starting to realize that I take a new medication that makes the results of finger pulling smell like fresh baked cinnamon rolls!!! The down side is that my finger's been pulled outa joint!
  25. Wow!!! I'm blushing my brains out over here! Thanks so much, all of you great folks! I've been tossing and turning in bed tonite and came up to the comp office to browse around, and saw this post. I freaked! . I don't get on here like I used to, but you have no idea how good you guys made me feel reading this, super sweet stuff! This was MY Christmas present, if I ever had one. You folks really rock, and I know how good yall are down deep inside. Harder and harder to find folks as good as yall have always been to me. Merry Christmas to everyone of you pcommers out there!! I love ya, bunches!!
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