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  1. That is awesome. How long had she been lost?
  2. When we had to have our house remediated for mold our insurance company paid for us to have an RV parked in our driveway. I suggested that to them due to the fact that workers were in and out of our opened up house. I felt better being there with our house.
  3. There is one behind Kroger at Crossroads. Paradise Donuts https://www.facebook.com/ParadiseDonutsGa
  4. Yep it sure was...OUCH... . It was a slugfest....OUCH......Sorry for your 1st disappointment!
  5. There are plenty of them on indeed.com, Marietta, Kennesaw, other local areas.
  6. This is a funny topic. It is a county road to use as one see's fit. I use this road and will continue to use this road. It is a shortcut. My husband and I have been in front of one another coming from Crossroads and I will take Bone Circle and he went to the light; I pulled out on Old Cartersville before he even passed me by. Guess what? I beat him home. I am thinking if you don't like the traffic, you may need to move to a dead end street.
  7. We used this company when the hail came through Dallas several years ago. They are a local company here in Dallas. They get the job done. Give them a call. http://myeliteroofer.com/index.html
  8. We to called Ragsdale last week and they never called back. Our air was out on the main level. Rainwater is who we called and they did a great job.
  9. Check this out: http://thumbsup-ga.com/
  10. Oh no! What neighborhood do you live in? It is right past Annandale & Camberley, across from Candlewood.
  11. My sisters neighborhood was also. So far last night it includes Brentwood, Chestnut Grove, Candlewood, and Cumberland Falls. I know one gun was stolen out of Cumberland Falls. Was it a different neighborhood that one more was stolen at? They must have been out all night to get around to this many neighborhoods! Hope they are caught before they decide to use a gun!!
  12. I have to turn in my total of plates sold on early Wednesday morning. Does anyone want to buy a ticket for some good food and to help out the EPHS baseball team? The food is being prepared by Rodney's BBQ.
  13. Season Kick-Off Baseball Games, Food, Fun Wing Plates or BBQ Plates $10 Includes 2 sides, chips, drink and dessert If you or someone you know went to EPHS, come out on Saturday to support the EPHS Baseball team. Just let me know if you want to buy tickets; they are $10.00 each and I will get them for you. If you order 6 or more plates they will be delivered to you. Let me know by Wednesday! Thanks in advance!
  14. I also live in Camberley Park. I hope the Pit walks down my road, so that I can take care of it until I find the owners or new owners. I do not have a pit or have never owned one, I just love dogs. One day I was almost to my neighborhood on Old Cartersville and it was raining hard, I could see something running in my lane up ahead. As I came up on it, I could tell it was a Pit Bull. It crossed the street, not wanting to get hit by me. I then turned into a driveway on the same side that it ran on and opened my door. Before I could call it over to me, to check the collar, the Pit jumped up
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