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  1. Lip stain with outlast lipstick. Keep your lips clean.
  2. Hi-caliber is a much better range than Stoddards.
  3. Send a PM to WAFL, she made some great fondue..I don't remember how though.
  4. Those Alabama fans were pretty darn ugly to me in Tuscaloosa yesterday til the game was over. It goes both ways but of all the fan encounters I've had..Bama's were the rudest. I didn't cry about it but if things had been reversed I'm sure this thread would be going to same way. This is the South and we're passionate about our teams. The better team won Geaux Tigers! and I'm so happy with the outcome.
  5. Seriously?????????? BEST.GAME.OF.THE.SEASON!!!!!!!!! GEAUX Tigers!!
  6. I feel the same about Tyler and Catelynn. Farrah annoyes the sheeze out of me. Her mom is a lunatic and so is she...and the dad??? WTF? Grow some balls! Maci is so stupid. She's wants to have a kid with Kyle so that when Bentley is gone she can have a kid with her? Codependant much? Amber and Gary creep me out. There baby looks creepy too.
  7. The dirty heads is what I'm listening to right now. Kind of a Sublime meets 311 meets NWA.
  8. Today was their cheesesteak lunch special. dangit.
  9. I have NEVER been to the Phoenix during daylight.
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