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  1. Yes I can see you are at it again, you know if you don't like it here you can always move.
  2. I got the mailer from Paulette Rakestraw to in my mail box, that you help send. Just want you to know I don't want that kind of trash in my mailbox. I am sending it back , oh the address you had on it, she sold it last year.
  3. Looks like it is already come out on Hillary. Two people already dead???? Pubby you might have some people on here posting if could refrain from everytime you open your mouth it is about Trump. I would actually hate if I thought I hated someone as bad as you do him. Are you perfect, NO. nobody is perfect. I actually don't know how you sleep every night.
  4. He is not the first President to do something like this. They all have done it. But oh Trump is bad. I agree I don't like it but I don't act like he was the first. People need to get over it and look at the good things he has done.
  5. No there was not a gun at Paulding yesterday. There was a bell malfunction and some students took it as a lockdown. These phones need to be taken out of schools.
  6. I hope you never have to call a police for your safety. People like you don't deserve the protection that they offer.
  7. I was taught if you didn't pay taxes, you had no right to complain, Before you ask yes I am still paying taxes and I am 80 yrs. old.?????
  8. You know you never say anything good about our county. I am sure wherever you live you ave plenty to take care 0of without bashing our county. If you were done wrong has nobody ever taught you about forgiveness. You are one reason nobody come on this sight anymore.
  9. Democrats should be at rock bottom now with what they pulled off Friday. Stupid is that stupid does.
  10. You know you might be surprised if start searching things for things on Obama. I think you could find enough things to get you busy, But, Oh wait you won't believe any of them, so what does that say about you.
  11. Yes they know Trump is not going to give to them like Obama did, so now they don't like us, so be it, don't bother me.
  12. Why in the Hell is Trump responsible for what Hawaii does?????????
  13. This si so stupid. Do you not have any morals at all.
  15. Oh no , no other president did anything. Wouldn't you like to see a tell all book on OBAMA???
  16. Most everybody USED to e Democrats until they learned better. HOW MANY DEMOCRATS RESIGNED THIS WEEK????
  17. You know if you would stop watching MSNBC and you probably watch CNN to, you would be a nicer person> Do you believe everything you hear?
  18. Anybody that has ever worked should know it happens everywhere.
  19. Yes they are they are $12 for halves, not sure what the other one are. Here is the # for Hiram Library if you want to call them 770-439 3964> Merry Christmas
  20. If somebody else started this post, you would have already closed it. The same thing is being said over and over. I hope I am not the only one that is tired of it.
  21. This world would not be near as bad as it is if we did not have all these reporters or if they did not report things over and over.
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