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  1. Anyone interested in an Electric Hospital Bed?
  2. Papi...From someone else who is over weight..CONGRATULATIONS! I know how hard it is to take it off and maintain! That is absolutely awesome!!!!
  3. Welcome aboard....Some post a lot and others post very few and far between! One of the most informative places around... Just looked and saw I am one of the posters who have been here the longest with the least amount to say
  4. Happyme


    OK...So I have come to find out that people do the best that they can. Some are created with superb skills of consideration while others are not made to think that way. Not a fault they can help just the way they are made.
  5. Happyme


    Two Three questions- PM me if you don't want to explain yourself on here 1. Why if you are driving slower than the car behind you is wanting to go, do you not move over to the right lane? The law states that slower traffic in right lane? 2. Why do you throw anything out of your car window...ie cigarette butts? 3. Why when you are in line to pay for your groceries do you not already have your card out, your check filled out or your money in hand?
  6. Carnival..You can get a 5 day for about 350 right now. The summer prices are more. I have been on 4 in the past 18 months and believe that even though Carnival is not as nice as some of the others I would rather spend my money on excursions once I get to a port of call. If you have any questions, please message me. I am a vacation guru...I work to vacation :-)
  7. I am probably the oldest member with the least number of posts..
  8. Why do heterosexuals think that they are so sexy and irresistable that gays are wanting to sleep with them? Very egotistical.
  9. Civil Rights are that all humans should be treated equal...It does not relate to a race or a gender or a religion. It is asinine for a person to think that they are given more privileges because they are born white, heterosexual or into a Christian household. And for people to say that our country was founded by Christians and we should uphold the Bible's standards would not want to go back to their standard of living. So, we change what we want and keep judging who we want because the white, christian, heterosexual male is the superior being? Asinine!!
  10. LOL Sadie..I have had one message. Thanks for the encouragement! My grade appreciates it....
  11. I was trying to keep it G rated....what about using the word performer?
  12. If you have ever been in this business (and I don't mean on the watching side :-)) and you do not mind answering a few questions anonymously for a project for me for a paper, please send me a message.
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