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  1. Sounds like the mods and admins are going to have their work cut out for them. If I'm reading this right, y'all will have to look deeply into threads/posts, etc. for hidden meanings, double entendres and the like. Good luck with that.
  2. Channeling Monty Python : "I didn't expect a kind of "Spanish Inquisition"....... But I got my own problem solved. Sometimes one has to go "out of town" to get what one needs. Thanks to all of you for the help
  3. I use the acronym to describe myself to lighten the mood if I happen to make a mistake, but as you think it important to point out that "CRS is the same kind of disease as being a special kind of stupid", I would be interested by you using that same adjective in front of someone else who has the disease or is someone's caregiver. You might try going to www.alz.org and post that first sentence as you did in your previous post.
  4. Going back to the OP..... I like to download documentaries from YouTube, but sometimes the opinion of the documentary will - like a train - jump its tracks and go off on a political tangent. Without naming the party, let me try to see if I can make you "detect" it on your own..... Re: The "party" thing - which party could it be? I admit it could be either one, but just for the sake of argument, I see what I am about to describe can be true for one or the other party, but just hang with me for a couple of minutes and maybe it will make sense to you. If not, MY feelings won't be hurt an
  5. Nothing changed for us except we got poorer, but I guess that's true for all/most of us, right? Thanks for the input! C R
  6. "..........One Fell Swoop!" (gotta look that phrase up one day) instead of making monthly payments which you may heretofore been making? Yep, that's what is happening with our plan. Okay. I kinda get it, but wait! There's more! 1. Their offices are pulling out of Georgia and are moving to their HQ in Nashville, So I guess they have a right to do that even though that's going to put a hell of a lot of people into a sudden bind - especially if they HAVE comprehensive coverage and are living on a tight budget. [Caveat: This may not affect you, so don't panic (yet). It sounds like b
  7. http://www.greenwichtime.com/policereports/article/Von-Keyserling-RTM-member-arrested-on-criminal-10852811.php
  8. Okay. It was "Greyed" out next to the quote/multi-quote buttons. About that continuing: My problem is hitting "writer's block" and then never going back to the story, so I never promise anything. PS: There should be a another "short" story (maybe under my other name) about the "Hootoos" and the "Tootsies").
  9. If Google's "Business Model" is the same as other major companies', they won't rehire Marissa Mayer. Why sink more money benefits/bonuses, etc. into someone who's left your employ once already? Of course Google isn't really known for the "normal" way of doing business, are they?
  10. What happened to the edit function? I need to change some things up there.
  11. A “Martian” Tale After the landing of Orion and the building of several habitats, 4 intrepid Explorer/Astronauts decided to check out the “neighborhood”. After about 2 miles, and just before giving up, they encounter a group of biped beings. These, with some modifications are what we on Earth call “Greys” or being that this is their home planet, “Martians”. “Greetings, Martians”, said Colonel Fife, who looked and acted like Don Knotts of Mayberry. “We come in pea-----“ “What’d you just call me???” said the first of the beings, most likely the leader of the two males and two fe
  12. An Amish wife returns home from grocery shopping (Okay, I know they probably don't go alone in the horse and buggy, but it's my joke. )....... "I got pulled over by a police officer today, Aaron", she tells her husband. "Whatever for ?", he asks. "That sign on the back of the buggy (that's probably not what they call it - carriage maybe?) was coming loose and was about to fall off, but the police officer was nice enough to put it back on properly. But then he noticed the reins across ol' Sundown's rear end and took me to task." "Ma'am, the reins for your horse are wrapped
  13. I will be interested to see if they become even more active now......
  14. Not only The NY Times, but CNN and just about every other news outlet worth its air time or print. Diplomacy is an attribute every President should reach for before he reaches for the "button", and even though I know it's a 2 person operation to order a nuclear strike, I think this guy doesn't have the capacity to be diplomatic and may at some point go off the rails. To borrow a quote from the film "The Fly".....: "Be afraid, be very afraid." Sorry, but look at the OP: Yeah, I think we're coming very close to doing that.
  15. Looking at this Trump thing allegorically, it's like somehow the Republicans stepped in some dog poop and cannot now scrape it off their shoes. They can change those "shoes", but they only have a short time in which to do it. What a dilemma! Looks like I'll be writing in my choice this year.
  16. This will be an election to remember. One for the Ages. And one for the history books.
  17. Thanks everyone. I too have a "brown thumb", but my musician friend (a paraplegic Marine) has inspired me to try this gardening thing and because I'm so impressed with both his and his wife's strength and perseverance, I'd like to try and send him the pictures. He has sent me some pictures, but I can't seem to convert the files or I'd post them here. Thanks again. CR
  18. Okay, I may need a little help here. First, I was off on the name: It's called a Cecile Brunner rose and secondly it's known as both a climbing and a rambling rose (I always thought that was just a Nat King Cole tune - not much of a horticulturist, am I ?) A fellow musician friend in Oregon was telling me about this pink rose last night, but due to my short term memory loss, I forgot the name and came up with one of my own, I reckon. Anyway, back to the subject: Can a rambling rose also climb? (I'm thinking of "rambling" as only running along the ground). My friend wants to send
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