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  1. With regard to the west coast - I have stayed at a resort called Steinhatchee Landing in the town of Steinhatchee, which is pretty much halfway between Clearwater and PCB - I would only recommend it if you are into fishing or scalloping. The resort is gorgeous, but pricey and in the middle of NOTHING! I cannot think of any beach in this area - mostly nature preserve. East Coast, Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach are very cool. Lots more to do there, but also a lot more crowded. Personally, best beach area that most locals go to on the West Coast are areas just south of Clearwater, like Trea
  2. I also have to comment about the signage at this facility -- I went in to apply for holiday help and literally felt "trapped" -- so much so, that I left without even filling out the application!!! There were ENORMOUS signs all over the place stating "GUN-FREE zone, etc" I had to pass through a small outbuilding that had a metal detector and sign in. As I was entering the next building, I was immediately concerned about the signs (I mean they were HUGE!!) and all the fencing -- my first thought was that this looked dangerous in case of a fire!! I pray that everyone survives this -- but tha
  3. Edited to add -- I getcha, kwitchabitchen -- S. Fla gal here also, just south of WPB, when we are dealing with Cat2-3-4 Hurricanes coming straight at you, you instinctively learn to trust your gut, or you will pay!!
  4. Gotta chime in here -- While I was out of town for this event, watched ALL the weather updates from an unbiased weatherperson, every one of which said, this was a "south of I-20 event", however, didn't take a rocket scientist to look at the radar Tuesday morning to realize -- you in trouble Atlanta! If this teaches anything, I agree with the OP -- think for yourselves, don't rely on the county, the district, the government to do this for you...Oh, and good luck with government run healthcare for those of you who voted for this crap!!!
  5. Perhaps they should even get a bigger shout out from the county -- how about a year book dedication....let us not forget those teachers who are, as we speak, watching over our own -- big time dedication should be shown to those who are snuggling in those who cant go home tonight, all the while cannot snuggle in their own. Tonight, teachers and many other school personnel are popping popcorn, raiding other teacher cabinets (with their blessing) for juice boxes, stuffed animals, blankets, snacks, pillows, and whatever they can find. Hopefully some school essential personnel have stayed behind
  6. I was listening about a half hour ago -- ALL the bus drivers are heroes of course, but have to give a lot of credit to the bus driver who didnt ASK if she could stop, she TOLD THEM she was going to stop at Paulding Hospital, she had been on the bus for over FOUR hours, everyone needed to use the facilities. Super-smart bus driver in my opinion!! Hospitals are considered "safe places", and she took the bull by the horns and made an executive decision!! I would wish for this to be my childs bus driver!!! (Before I get blasted that the bus drivers have to abide by very strict rules...I get tha
  7. You are welcome low rider - from one Beatle fan to another!!! I love to rub this website in my hubby's face, he thinks the Beatles were "overrated". Many times during the day I just flash him a shot on this app and say " Over 40 Years Old!!!!" No other album can garner anything even close!!!
  8. I have the Abbey Road app on my IPad and it NEVER disappoints!!!!!! At almost any given hour, on any day, you can watch tourists and fans recreate the cover over and over again!! I have even seen a wedding party once!! Great app to download just to get a giggle!!
  9. So, tell us...where can you go where you DON'T see this trash?? Sign o' the times I'm afraid!!! Welcome to the jungle!!!
  10. I think it is one of the prettiest water parks around! Get there early, pack a cooler ( cannot bring it in, but many, many families go back out to the parking lot and tailgate picnic for lunch) they are pretty strict about not allowing food in, but you can probably sneak in a water bottle or two. I have always found lots of shady area to sit in, and they have lockers to store valuables. We love the slides, although I will admit the "wave pool" and "lazy river" can feel a bit like a communal bathtub!! We have bought annual passes with parking and really gotten our money's worth every time!
  11. Visiting friends in Maryland tonight ... This story was on their local news...not sure what is more ridiculous, this thread or the fact that it has made it's way across the nation, but I am leaning towards this thread!!!
  12. Again, following the one year anniversary the considered the "paper" anniversary, I would find a store or someone that prints up napkins and have some made up for the whole year, with your initials in them, grill out a terrific steak in your backyard, on the best paper plates money can buy, set a beautiful table with paper table cloth. At the dollar store they sell gorgeous paper lanterns, white Christmas lights, etc. No restaurant can compare!! Hang up a paper sign "Happy Anniversary " above the garage or door, just think paper!! Have fun and congratulations!!! Again, following the
  13. You couldn't be more correct!!! I will and do take my $$money$$ elsewhere!!
  14. Yes, servers certainly have the right to "decorate their bodies" (your words, not mine), they also should expect they they are in a customer service business where they are the first line in service. You are correct in discerning that management has the right to select servers that will appeal to the clientele he wishes to attract - this was a family restaurant with small children, not the Varsity. This restaurant averages about $12-30 per plate, so I guess I was expecting better. BTW, The server with the plugs in their ears, also had a tattoo on their serving forearm of a pair of women's l
  15. Soooo, ate at a restaurant ( who I will not name, though I let my opinion let known) where the server had these HUGE, gross ear plug things in their ears, like earrings - anyone else find these totally gross? Such a HUGE sign of stupidity to me, my kids and everyone else at the table recoiled in horror at their introduction. Seriously, what is wrong with kids that they think this is cool, so stupid! Beginning to question any restaurant who would hire these folks as front line servers...unemployment is at an all time high, right?. Where do they get the idea that we all want to see there a
  16. I thought it was funny....officer down part, not so much.
  17. ONE egg hunt is all I intend for my child to have, just surprised how much school, grocery store, etc has influence over everything. We didn't attend the Wellstar Acworth egg hunt, but saw pics and was FLABBERGASTED at the sheer size!!! Just seems unnecessary I suppose. As a child growing up, we colored eggs on Easter eve ONLY, and we looked forward to it so much, it was very special.
  18. (Putting on coat of arms, cuz I'm pretty sure some will react with some harsh criticism, but I really gotta get this off my chest!!) OK, throughout all of Paulding, churches, schools, My Kroger, my Chic-fil-a, - heck even in Bass Pro Shop last weekend, all I see is egg hunt after egg hunt!!! Anyone else beginning to think this is all a bit...MUCH? My kids had hunts in school, at church, at home, at memaws , heck the display at the Acworth Wellstone hospital today was UNREAL!!!! Who is paying for all of this? If this is all donations, perhaps we are not in as bad shape as we all think
  19. The point is there are hundreds of hidden gems within the Disney property -- some more crowded than others. Folks like yourself who put little research into it make it more pleasureable for those of us that do!!! Now...find your Happy Place and quit hating!
  20. Meal Plan -- We have been to Disney many, many times and never used it -- tried it this last trip. Here's my take on it - It was nice to know that it was all "covered" and we were never hungry, however, the staff training on what was considered a "side", "snack" or a "dessert" was never clear. Seems like each eatery did it different. We ended up on the last night realizing we had eaten all the "meals" but still had several "snacks" left (which we paid for in advance), so we ended up going down to the cafe in our hotel and bought like 6 pop tarts, 4 peanuts, etc which came in handy for the f
  21. Atlanta should be proud of her - no matter the color of her skin - I have lived up and down the east coast for well over 30 years -- she is the one CONSTANT -- style and all! She is as much an Atlanta Landmark as the Braves and the Varsity!! Send her off properly Atlanta -- be PROUD!
  22. The Pawn Shop was a bit of a let down -- and agree about the neighborhood. It is very apparent they cannot possibly still do business in that building anymore -- its just filled with people looking for them, buying T-shirts, etc. As for getting around, buy a bus pass - they are very reliable, clean and go up and down the strip all day. Almost every hotel has something to do or look at during the day - the free things that come to mind are: check out the lions in the MGM Grand, Ceasar's Palace Mall is amazing (and out of the heat), the night fountain show at the Bellagio is not to be missed,
  23. EXACTLY!!! Again, I say if a child was restrained in my childs class -- I would want to know about it! How about you?? I am glad this school called the police!!! Geesh, my child still talks about the kindergarten incident with the Principal being biten and that was eight years ago!!!! I wish more teachers would STAND UP and stop allowing this go on in class -- why on EARTH would they put themselves or their students in harms way??? Special Needs and Regular Parapros are among the best of the best, they work for low pay and often have no certified training with special needs children, beside
  24. I honestly don't know why teachers or para-pro's agree to this "hold" training -- they are not paid extra for it, plus, I'd like to see where the school board would stand if they "held" the child incorrectly, invoking a lawsuit. Teachers should STOP agreeing to this training, evacuate the classroom, then NOTIFY the parents of each child under their supervision that their child was put in harms way today at school -- you'd see a whole lot more parents up at school, getting onto the Administration (who should shoulder this burden, not the $10,000 a year para-pro!!!!)
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