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    Johnny J

    JJ was a valued member of every community he chose to grace. He was above all a gentleman and a person who truly cared about those around him. He will be missed by all, but my thoughts and deepest sympathies are particularly with his family and closest friends in your time of grief. Please know how many lives your loved one touched in such positive ways. He will be truly missed.
  2. If you went out only once a month around here you would need a bulldozer and a dump truck.
  3. When we walk we carry grocery bags. We can fill two bags almost every day. That's disgusting. More disgusting is the deer carcass that some asshat dumps in our cul de sac every fall. The chain gang cleans the highway and two days later it looks like a dump. Maybe if they started actually handing out fines this would stop.
  4. ^^^^Case in Point. This is precisely what the President's team hoped would come out of this. This is exactly what cases of this type can generate, and the President played it brilliantly. Absolutely brilliantly. The longer this is in the news, the less he will have to defend his abysmal record. The more he can deflect, point and ridicule. The more he can paint the Republican Party with the "Birther" brush. Ridicule is your most potent weapon. It is impossible to counterattack ridicule because ridicule is not based in reason. The plaintiffs in this case handed him a one of a kind gem.
  5. What is odd is that nobody is talking about the question before the judge. It was not if the President is a citizen or not. It was whether or not the President can invoke executive privilege in this case and if he is required by law to answer a state subpoena. Contrary to what some believe, the President is not above the law. Case law concerning the concept of executive privilege has clearly laid out the situations under which this privilege can be assumed, and those are when testimony would impair the candid exchange of advise within the executive branch, keeping the executive from carryin
  6. I have heard of people calling them and telling them that it is too dangerous to climb onto the roof and get the LNB. Tell them that this is why you paid THEM to professionally install it and if they want it they can come and get it. I have never heard of them charging for the LNB after that discussion, but your mileage may vary. I would NOT just fail to return it without calling them first.
  7. Quite simply put, your insurance rates are based upon your individual risk of making a significant payable claim or a string of smaller claims. People with low FICO scores make more insurance claims and they are more costly. People who have suffered one slightly cracked windshield in 10 years don't. This should not raise your rates unless it's your third claim this year or something of that sort. Insurance companies offer this because crack repairs are a lot less expensive for them than a new windshield, and driving with a cracked windshield can be a safety hazard that can cause a charg
  8. According to the Dare website, the national DARE group is affiliated with Chipio, a national windshield repair company, and are sponsoring the campaign to raise money. I would imagine that Chipio keeps the biggest chunk of the money though. If you are concerned about this operation, then you can go to any reputable windshield replacement company and have them check out your windshield. Most of them do repairs also. Expect to pay from $25 to $50 for a quality repair, and about $20 more per additional chip. Many of them will come to you. Look up Windshield Replacement and Repair in y
  9. It's not unusual for a hospital or medical practice to pull your report before admission or surgery. That might explain it. Jetsamom is right. Any account holder can pull your report for just about any reason. As long as it is a legitimate business like Wellstar, I wouldn't worry too much. The thing to really look for is who shows you with an open account and who has made entries. As for insurance companies, mine pulls my report every year and if I request a major change.
  10. Wow. The shock to me is that he's 60. Very sorry to hear this. RIP.
  11. Not to belabor the point ES, but go back and read your own post. You are the one who brought up where she got pregnant as it that made some sort of difference, not me. I know the requirements for natural born citizenship. I have the papers to prove it. By the way, you can take the religious right dig and try it on someone other than a agnostic the next time.
  12. It's pretty obvious that his legal team screwed the pooch. They knew that there is no executive privilege when it comes to answering a subpoena, state or otherwise, yet that was their argument. In fact they showed up in court twice. They could have simply argued that he had satisfied higher courts that he met the requirements which would have probably led to a dismissal at the first hearing, but they didn't. They knew that failure to appear in this hearing would necessarily result in a default judgement, yet they intentionally failed to appear. You have to ask yourself if the President's
  13. The plaintiff in the Obama citizenship case in Atlanta has announced that the judge has indicated that he will issue a default judgement in their favor. The announcement follows: From Carl Swensson, Plaintiff: To all my friends in battle, The Judge pulled the lawyers for the three cases into chambers before it all began and advised them that he would be issuing a default judgment in our favor, since the Defense council failed to show, and wanted to end it there. We argued that all the evidence needed to be entered in to record so the Judge allowed for a speedy hearing where all eviden
  14. I don't doubt that one bit. It may be his entire reasoning for the non-defense.
  15. BL, I've been told that if it is a very small round nick, it isn't a problem. If it looks like a small spider, that is if there are cracks radiating out from the center, then it should be repaired. Many insurance companies cover this repair up to a reasonable limit at 100% with no deductible. Check with yours.
  16. As a general statement, I would agree with you. However in this specific instance, I think that the stupidity and arrogance is within Obama's legal team. It would seem that an argument that Obama has already satisfied the nationality requirements to the satisfaction of higher courts, which he has, would likely end the case. That isn't the tack they chose. They chose to argue that a sitting President is not required to answer a state issued subpoena, a ludicrous argument. No president is above the law, be it Federal or State. He is not the king. I believe the judge was correct in continui
  17. Just like the President's legal team, you are using the wrong argument to win a battle that could be otherwise dismissed. Where a woman gets pregnant is as germane to the discussion of her child's citizenship as is the place she got her first period.
  18. I had an aunt who was a type I diabetic and one of the best southern cooks I have ever seen (that's a large sample). She just ate that sort of food in great moderation and ate special meals herself most of the time. It's disingenuous and highly self rightious to beat up a person for cooking foods that are not as healthy as possible. Variety is the spice of life, and millions of people eat southern cooking without developing Diabetes. It's not like we are just discovering that eating foods fried in butter and slathered in gravy are not good for us. She is misleading no one. As for the adve
  19. Weldon Smith Services(770) 941-4696. They are small but as honest and hard working as the day is long. They will give you a fair price and not sell you more than you need. (too bad Guard Dad is too uppity to help out us little guys )
  20. What's even more funny is that the judge was appointed by a Democrat.
  21. CM hit the nail on the head. If this was going on in California, Illinois, Ohio, or New York, it might be news, because to lose the case would most likely be to lose the election. Here, it's just a sideshow, and a rather unsavory one at that. But as for the voracity of the charge itself, remember that he must qualify in every state and every state has their own rules. The feds have very little say in how this is accomplished. I believe that the judge was correct in stating that Barry's lawyers used the wrong tactic in requesting the quashing of the subpoena. There is no law that says that
  22. What I find interesting is that the crowd sourced blog HuffPo comes up as a "news" source when you sign into AOL.
  23. I place them right up there with jet skiers. Just stay the heck away from me.
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