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    I read the Grand Jury Report. From it, there was an issue with what the GA said to all the other parties. Then , there was the interpretation of what was said. There seemed to be a lack of urgency on the athletic director and VP's handling of the situation after Paterno told them of his conversation with the GA and then their first meeting with the GA. I remember an incident from my college days where a teacher was accused with sexual harassment. The student(girl) came forward but because she couldn't get anyone else to testify, nothing ever came of it. It was suspected that he has harass
  2. edu


    You can call it anything you want but based on the story out there, Paterno did as any employee should have done under the authority of the school. BTW, he was told a day after the incident and that was on a Saturday. Maybe he couldn't get hold of the athletic director until Sunday. Do you know?
  3. edu


    If it was reported up the chain of command to the college President, then it should have gone to the police and DA. You can't blame any of the staff for nothing being done. McQeary should have stopped the incident in the shower and then reported it. It is possible that the others thought an investigation was done and there was nothing to prosecute. Therefore , they did nothing else. It really sounds like that McQeary should have stopped it but didn't which makes him look bad; then the President, after hearing of it through the chain of command, should have notified the police which I
  4. edu


    This has been said before. Teachers are under the rule that if child abuse is suspected or observed or whatever, they have to report it to their superior. They can't talk to other people about it unless it comes before a judge, grand jury, etc. It is considered unethical for them to go out of the chain of command. You assume that the "superior" will take action. I'm sure there are good reasons for this but we all know that on occasion nothing is done.
  5. You sound like a democrat trying to undermine all of the Rep. candidates. As far as Cain; isn't it interesting that two of the women are from Chicago and both lived in the same apartment building as Obama's former adviser who is now the Chicago mayor? I think that Newt has some things in his cliset that will hurt him, unless he is forgiven as many candidates in the past have been. Romney proved himself in his state bot as a leader and business person. He may or may not be wishy-washy (Ha-Ha!). The other candidates were convinced by people that anyone would be better then the present Presid
  6. You may want to wait until "Black Friday" and save money on one. I think Office Max, Wal Mart and Best Buys will have sales. Any opinion on those stores to buy a laptop?
  7. A-1 Gutter Cleaning is good and cheaper then most. I use them.
  8. That's what people get for playing the fourth best team in the SEC. If USC had been in the West, they wouldn't have made it to the game. Besides that Auburn looked very good and should dominate over Oregon if they still have Cam then.
  9. I think my wife was upset when I said I didn't want any "material" things for Christmas. I only wanted something usable. I'm tired of things laying around, never getting used, except to look at. I asked for a fried chicken dinner, which she if really good at cooking. I can use that because it would satisfy a craving and be gone quickly. Do any others think this way?
  10. Last year, one of the Atlanta television stations was there trying to do a story on how they were running the town and possible mishandling of finances. They didn't want to have anything to do with that but I heard it was turned over to the GBI.
  11. Okay, Marty did some bad things he shouldn't have done but managed to keep his job. From what I understand, he basically started Matthew Alternative School which was a great success. Then he followed that with good jobs at H.Jones Middle School and cleaned up EPHS. After that he was praised for his work at Hiram HS before going to the board office. During this time , part of his reputation was he would have good discipline and back up teachers when needed. Teachers really liked having someone that had their back. It is unusual in this county. This not about him. It appears that for som
  12. Barnes really dumped on the teachers before. He lies about everything he does. Do you think you can trust a person who as Governor screwed teachers before?
  13. Where's a good place for take home-fried chicken? I have tried Wal-Mart, Publix, and Krogers. I like it close to "southern fried chicken".
  14. I heard good things about the bands last night. A friend told me PCHS had improved and that SPHS had a great sound sound and played really well. He also said that the EPHS show was much better then last year with better music.
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